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Submitted by BIoodmask 2557d ago | article

IGN: Funeral for a 360

Last week, a nation mourned over the loss of IGN's last launch Xbox 360. Microsoft felt their pain. Following their obituary, Microsoft sent its condolences, accompanied by some lovely flowers. The mega-corporation also provided a coffin for their dearly departed 360. (Xbox 360)

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HighDefinition  +   2558d ago
So sad.

Pour out a little liquor.

Actually, I don`t have enough liquor to pour out for this problem.
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JokesOnYou  +   2557d ago
Oh look....
Same broken 360, same broken record sony fanboy comments....geesh I guess its a slow day.

I wonder why sony never admitted a problem or reimbursed owners for all those broken ps2's?, oh thats right they settled that lawsuit.


@EXCLUSIVEGAMER, nah I'm not being soooo serious, actually when that first post appeared on n4g I commented that is was pretty damm funny, I love a good Joke, (its in the name), and I don't mind this one but I do think its fair that if were are going to constantly focus on the issue of micro's recent hardware failures that we should also be free to reference sony's past history of problems with the ps2, no doubt they overcame those issues and went on to become the best selling console ever, while I'm not suggesting the 360 will come close to the ps2's success, Iam suggesting even though its had a terrible start in the hardware dept that it still deserves the same chance of recovery, if not where would the ps2 be if people like me and my friends trashed it because of those early problems with the laser, and for the record [serious voice] NO, I'm not saying it was as bad as the 360 early problems but it WAS WIDESPREAD, and sony was facing heavy lawsuits, which they settled....of course in your mind sony is perfect though, thats fine, whatever makes you sleep at night.
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EXCLUSIVEGAMER  +   2557d ago
@hd: that had me rollin,

" Id pour out a little liquor, but I dont have enough liquor for this problem"

@joy: Y SOOOOOOOOOOO seriousss? stop crying clown
d_dogg2007  +   2557d ago
wasn't as widespread as this problem. Thats why they didn't need to fork out another billion $ worth of warranty coverage. This RROD is a pure joke and sends bad signals as consumers to companies. Why bother making quality product when people out there are going to settle for less?
KingME  +   2557d ago
Nice, professional responsibility at it's best. This is the kind of news you get from companies or site ran by morons for morons.
Erotic Sheep  +   2557d ago
Tho you can be a pain in the ass Why Dis... that actually made me rofl! Awesome video XD
Black Maverick  +   2557d ago
@Jokesonyou: It's not Sony's fault that Xbox 360s keep dying. =/

@Why dis: ROFL that was funny as hell.
FarEastOrient  +   2557d ago
Thanks Why Dis, this made my day along enjoyed greatly please find more of these.
JokesOnYou  +   2557d ago
@ Black Maverick
you missed the point, I'm not saying its sony fault, in fact I'm glad gamers complained and sites/media reported those complaints so micro was basicly forced to respond with the warranty. Now what Iam saying is its fair to suggest that they did fix everyone's RROD for free unlike sony and based on the complaints/reports we see now vs when 360 first launched they have indeed reduced the failure rate significantly, sure there will always be some that fail, with launch 360's being the most prone to failure but unless you have a link with evidence of a ongoing high failure rate then I don't see why the 360 isn't a good gaming choice....for gamers of course.

Arnon  +   2557d ago
Hey, I posted that video on here today, Why Dis!
burbulla  +   2557d ago
cayal  +   2557d ago

PS2 wasn't near the failure rate of 33% like 360 was reported to be.
majorsuave  +   2557d ago

lol why dis. that`s a fu king piece of video
HighDefinition  +   2557d ago
Ask yourself.

Why So Serious?

ps3sux  +   2557d ago
jokesonyou good post man
to cayal- sony never reported the actual failure rate of earlier ps2's

what i find interesting about this story is this and ill quote it-- "Last week, a nation mourned over the loss of IGN's last launch Xbox 360. Microsoft felt their pain. Following their obituary, Microsoft sent its condolences, accompanied by some lovely flowers. The mega-corporation also provided a coffin for their dearly departed 360. "

they said microsoft sent them a coffin for their LAUNCH 360, did anyone read that?

thought you sonyboys said microsoft wouldn't fix launch rrod consoles anymore.....seems you guys were wrong yet AGAIN.

like i said before and got slammed with disagrees and BS from the sonyfans on doesn't want anymore issues with this, they don't ask you anything but for ya mailing info so they can send you a box.


back to jokesonyou, man i knew rrod story was coming, you wanna know why man, because vgchartz just released estimates that shows ps3 got beat bad in jan. i know its sad for these sonyfanboys to do this, but they do it everytime, hell they're more predictable then anyone.

also they're mad about that the gameinformer review, they think 8.75 is slander to their killzone 2. hahahahahahahah
CaseyRyback_CPO  +   2557d ago
Jokes On You, Whats with 360 fanboys or otherwise trying to DEFEND like a blind child the 360's terrible failure rate? Do you not realize that the ...
The PS2 had issues, they are resolved, and its still around in 2009. If you want to cry about DRE, take a time machine.

The PS3, sony's third game system also has a very low failure rate. Which would be what you would use to compare, NOT the PS2. OR even better yet, Microsofts first foray into consoles, thier BULLETPROOF Xbox1. Ask me how many 360's i've had die on me, then ask my how many Xbox1's. Ill give you a hint, Im still on my FIRST Xbox1.

Microsoft rushed hardware, RROD is what happens when you overlook simple things. The pS2 even today has a lower failure rate than Microsoft's 360, as does the PS3. I'm not sure how many times this needs to be repeated.

I understand that in some desperate way to make yourself not look like an idiot by playing the RROD coffin game(which I played three times, another hint). But the reality snaps that right out of you. You're trying to say that ALL hardware has problems, and you use a very extinct example which only makes the 360 look worse since the PS2 is still playable in 2009. To try to say that Sony does the same thing. They dont. The 360 has a very ABNORMAL failure rate.

THe PS3 is bullet proof hardware with a normal failure rate. The PS2 is bullet proof hardware with a normal failure rate. The PSP is bullet proof hardware with a normal yet crackable screen -failure rate. The Xbox one was bullet proof hardware with a normal failure rate. The 360 is terrible when it comes to hardware reliability. You know it, and everyone else does as well. Honestly, think next time. 360's are still dying, PS2's aren't. Its what it is, but you absolutely can't justify anything with its horrible failure rates.

Seriously, the PS2? That has to be at the bottom of the excuse bag. You're an Ok guy, but clueless about gamers.
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N4360G  +   2557d ago
I agree with majorsuave.That video Power of Green..err Why dis posted is not even funny.We are talking about video game consoles here,stay on topic LOL.
KRUSSIDULL  +   2557d ago
Would never given my Xbox 360 a funeral if it died, Its either the way to the dump och on its way to the revival center.
RonRico  +   2557d ago
This just in... M$oft is apologizing for there stupid broken piece of sh*t that doesn't do sh*t because it's f*cken broken. Say they're going to extend their warranty another three years bringing it to just shy of a decade. M$, ha just trying to please them customers.
SL1M DADDY  +   2557d ago
Per the article: "Last week, a nation mourned over the loss of IGN's last launch Xbox 360."
Actually, I rolled my eyes and said, 'yeah, nothing new to see here'.

Good gravy, if I had a funeral for ever 360 I lost I would be in debt up to my ears. lol
Nineball2112  +   2557d ago
Here's a good one too:

nycredude  +   2557d ago
ps3sux and jokes on you.
Seems you guys should just get a room and wank either other off. Stop the hate man, this article has nothing to do with Sony and yet you two tools feel the need to bring this up. Fact is that was freaking 7-8 years ago and this problem is NOW. Stop being such tools and just admit that this CURRENT problem is not acceptable in TODAY'S times. If the Ps3 had this level of failure it wouldn't have survived so stop the BS already.
ThanatosDMC  +   2557d ago
My PS2 stopped working after 4.5 years... and it was played like crazy sometimes on for a whole day. What's he whining about?
UltraNova  +   2557d ago
Is it me or did IGN just admited to accepting bribes from MS?

Oh...IGN what were u thinking...
Stubacca  +   2557d ago
Come on dude, there was never anywhere near as many broken PS2s as there are 360s. Failure rates on PS2 systems were normal. The same can't be said about the 360. 360 failure rates are a JOKE, and will continue to plague these forums and comments section until the problem is fully resolved and it stops happening!
LegendKillar  +   2556d ago
are you serious? ps2 failure rate was not near normal, its not as bad as the 360 problem but it was bad, i went through 6 ps2 consoles, 1 started scratching discs and the other 5 stopped reading discs.
rucky  +   2558d ago
It's amazing how the RROD issue has been so widely accepted now that everybody just jokes around when it happens. whatever... rip 360.
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Monolith  +   2557d ago
yea i know right, how do people defend this, how is this a joke, i was pissed when my second 360 died, all you xbox fans are retarded to even think this is ok from microcrap, and you say they care about the consumer, lol pleeeeeaaazzzzzzzz!!!!

AND @PS3SUX, your just a straight up idiot, "see sonyfanboys mircodickklickers sent them a coffin for their launch console,"

your an idiot and shouldnt play games, well i guess you dont because you try and play the 360 when you have one.

RROD is ok now i guess
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Gerry Mark II  +   2558d ago
Soon as i saw this article i canceled by Xbox order from Amazon ASAP.

I also approved this article with my multiple accounts to show everybody what a pathetic piece of sh!t the Patchbox Please-Fix-Me is.
TheColbertinator  +   2558d ago
Can I get some flowers too,Microsoft?
IzKyD1331  +   2557d ago
It'll cost you 800 MS points
Liquid Snake  +   2557d ago
ROFL that made me laugh.

That is quote of the day.
farhsa2008  +   2557d ago
thats what happens when you buy junk from junk
MrJack  +   2557d ago
Idea to Microsoft!
Sell official Xbox 360 coffins! Only £159.99 each, say goodbye to your 3 month old 360 in style!

In all Gamestops today!
ps3sux  +   2557d ago
idea to mrjack!!
get some new ammo against 360, because even with this issue, its still selling well!!!! damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
monkfish  +   2557d ago
probably still sell better then anything to do with the ps3.....take that how you will lol.
nycredude  +   2557d ago
Shows how smart you tools are. TOTAL SELF OWNAGE!!! LOLOLOLOL

"get some new ammo against 360, because even with this issue, its still selling well!!!! damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ; (not a good thing for consumerism)

"probably still sell better then anything to do with the ps3.....take that how you will lol." (ummm Ps3 sold a little more than 360 in 2008 and just about the same in 2007)

Is that supposed to be a good thing. It only shows what tools you are to put up with this kind of epic hardware failure. Not smart consumerism imho. Go figure! Next time think before you post.
RUPITY  +   2557d ago
Rest in peace homey,holla at Dreamcast for me
RonRico  +   2557d ago
Dude, my Dreamcast still works. Guess what? My 360 doesn't. Go figure.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2557d ago
I've been in many 360 burials.
UltimateIdiot911  +   2557d ago
Gaming Heaven and Hell must be crowded with all those 360 wondering around.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2557d ago
Just Hell.
cyclindk   2557d ago | Spam
Ldubbz  +   2557d ago
A follow-up to the same story we already heard about? What, are we gonna get a new story posted when he gets it back too? This is ridiculous...

If anything, this is a humor story, so at least post it on Bad Joystick if anywhere.
gdblose  +   2557d ago
I heard If your XBOX is dead just wrap It up in a towel put the Atari Jaguar on top of It and seal It up in a little box (coffin) and bury It in the back yard and in just one day It will work again for about 2 more hours.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2557d ago
"Microsoft sent its condolences, accompanied by some lovely flowers"
OH!!! EVERY!!! F-IN!!! TIME!!! they have to rip-off PS3 games...
Oh er real 'Flowers'...erm not 'Flower' the PSN Game...Oh well...Carry on...Well that RRoD xBox 360 won't(+Billions of others)!!! ;-D

Yeah i'm on a xBox 360 bit...every 100 'pp' PS3(Comment)bits, i'll do 1 xBox 360(Comment)bit!!! ;-D

Sounds like are taking the p*ss out of the xBox 360??? I wouldn't stand for that xBots!!!
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dukadork2  +   2557d ago
it doesn't even make me laugh anymore
it's like a sad case of domestic violence with the beaten housewives too submissive to sue

one thing for sure: the industry will remember that they can get away with f@cking with 33% of their customers. look at the c0ckroaches making funny funeral blogs instead of suing the f@ckers!
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Arnon  +   2557d ago
That was pretty offensive..

But so is this!
dukadork2  +   2557d ago
suck it down xb!tch
d_dogg2007  +   2557d ago
WOW are we suppose to honestly care about this? Thats what happens when you buy a junk console. Would you buy a car with brakes that fail on you 33% of the time? I don't think so, cheap doesn't always mean better and sure as hell doesn't mean value.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2557d ago
isn't this what 360 fans have been saying
about Live over PSN for quite some time now? cause we all knows a hefty amount of people praise the service regardless of the price tag!
d_dogg2007  +   2557d ago
im talking about the whole package and what the console offers over its competitors not the online service. Well since we are on the online service, saying you bought your xbox at lauch that would be over 150$ worth for live to this day whereas maybe the psn didn't have all the same things but have come gradually over the 2 years for free. So 150$ or 0$ hum i wonder whats better. You know what i could have done with that 150$ that i would have saved if it was free? Buy more games.

Thats the problem with xbox gamers too busy looking at the price tag and not the value, ask yourselves is all this nickel and diming really worth in when i cant get practically equal value some where else.
RonRico  +   2557d ago
Yeah. 360 is like a KIA, piece of crap with a long warranty (that you will probably need).

edit: dear god, you are on your 6th 360. I gave up no them so long ago.
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San Frandisco  +   2557d ago
(shakes head)
*yawns* (takes out NES and plays duck hunt)
monkfish  +   2557d ago
not playing the killzone 2 demo you prefer duck hunt.
xT-Virusx  +   2557d ago
i guess its the first true FPS seeing that it is you doing the shooting hey.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2557d ago
Weirdly enough...most of them still work.
Lucreto  +   2557d ago
I don't consider this a story. It seems like IGN want a free 360 off MS by doing this.

Hell that is what I would do.
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pixelsword  +   2557d ago
Sites do this stuff all of the time to get what they want.

Kotaku (still) puts out crap articles because they lost ground with Sony, so I think Sony has them on the "B" list (like maybe no Killzone 2 demo, perhaps)

Also notice when Sony had ads on Kotaku, they didn't post a single bad article about Sony... until the ads were gone.

You see the same thing happened in reverse with gamespot and the Kane and Lynch ads.

I'm not one that wears a tinfoil hat, but if the facts are there, the facts are there.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2557d ago
Best Buys 2 year warranty I got on my system
has them claiming all my 360's bodies at their stores, and I love the fact I can leave to get back to gaming without waiting for a return!
pippoppow  +   2557d ago
Maybe if all next gen systems are as faulty as a 360 we can all just laugh about it as well. I have a feeling if any other system had the same hardware failure rate like the 360 we wouldn't be getting these joke articles.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2557d ago
You're right that if it were another companys faulty system
we probbly wouldn't be laughing about stories about it, because I truely want to know what other company creating a gaming console could truely back their faulty system like MS to keep it afloat?. You think PS3 would still be around if it faced the hardwear problems of 360?

I hate dealing with 360's issues as I am on my 6th, but I keep getting it replace for free which is no problem to me so I cannot complain. I also kinda have to stick with 360 cause 90% of my offline/online friends are ONLY on 360. Not to mention 360 does still have GREAT exclusive games as well. But even if my system weren't playable for a few days that's why I have a PS3 and Wii next to it! so it makes the trouble way easier to deal with! no real stress off my back, personally!
silvacrest  +   2557d ago
somehow its being excepted as the norm now

you gotta give microsoft credit for somehow doing this, fair play to them
CrazedFiend  +   2557d ago
Sorry, no credit to Microsoft. Just to the idiots we've become for letting Microsoft ALLOW this to become the norm. Any other electronic and there would have been a mass recall. We as consumers who paid good money should have DEMANDED a recall. It should NOT have taken them years to fix the problem. There are TONS of games that I passed up because of this problem. To me, no matter how good the games looked, buying 360 games was like buying HD-DVD's because I could never tell if I'd still be able to play them tomorrow (and now I can't).

As a gamer I SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO WORRY ABOUT THAT. But we gamers have let that become the norm, and that's sad. F free trade-ins, I would have GLADLY thrown down premium cash for a box that's guaranteed to work. I never wanted free trade-ins from Microsoft, I wanted them to fix their box.

Face it. Any other car or electronic and people would have burned the place down for not fixing it. We're the ones who deserve credit for this.
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Obama  +   2557d ago
Notice how they they say it's their last launch 360. SO how many launch 360 have rrod prior to this?
DJ  +   2557d ago
In late 2007, the official tally at IGN
Was over 20 Xbox 360s that had completely broken down. You figure it's now 2009, so I'm sure that site alone has last 40 Xbox 360 units, if not more. That's a staggering figure.

I don't know how developers deal with it. Epic Games got hushed up by Microsoft after complaining about their 360 Dev Units constantly dying.
CrazedFiend  +   2557d ago
Yeah, whatever...Mine had a coffin too.
Namely the old dumpster out back. I tossed it in and was like 'whatever'. Just wasn't worth the tears. Not that I didn't like my 360, I just got tired of worrying about it. So when it was finally gone, I was actually relieved. No more babying it. No more guilt for letting it sit like an expensive paper weight just so it can last just a bit longer (which it didn't). I just feel so much better now that it's gone.

The 360's got some great games, so I MAY buy back in IF Jasper proves to be stable, but it's gonna take some time b4 I'm comfortable with that one. For now, the Wii and especially my PS3 are keeping me VERY happy (^o^)
#21 (Edited 2557d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Monolith  +   2557d ago
"Namely the old dumpster out back. I tossed it in and was like 'whatever'. Just wasn't worth the tears. Not that I didn't like my 360, I just got tired of worrying about it. So when it was finally gone, I was actually relieved. No more babying it. No more guilt for letting it sit like an expensive paper weight just so it can last just a bit longer (which it didn't). I just feel so much better now that it's gone."

i was the some exact way lol
jack who  +   2557d ago
sssǝou ɥǝʇ ɥo
olivia  +   2557d ago
aruon that was so offensive i just want find you and knock you out.for posting that lol
#22.1 (Edited 2557d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   2557d ago
I dont know why M$ dont put a "coffin" in the box when you buy an Xbox.

That way you wouldn't have to ring them, and wait for it, you could just send it off the day it happens. It would save all sorts of time.
OSIRUSSS  +   2557d ago
Don't these POSs ever stop committing suicide? The 360 needs an intervention.
panasonic23  +   2557d ago
O God why why lord why u have to take him take me instead dear lord i can feel coming in the air tonight o lord.lolollololo
DJ  +   2557d ago
People in my office complain about the RROD
Even though they're not familiar with the term, mainly because most bought the 360 for their kids. My boss just had his 3rd 360 die on him; he's not replacing it ever again.
ironmonkey  +   2557d ago
there's more red rings to come:)
8bitman  +   2557d ago
What a showpiece for lousy engineering the 360 is!
cactuschef  +   2557d ago
Who gives a sh!t if IGNs Xbox died.
KrazyFace  +   2557d ago
He, he...
It's nice to see MS have a sense of humor about this, you know what they say, "All good things..."
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