Gamedaily: Bring Your Helghast to Work Day

Gamedaily writes: "One of Helghan's finest invades the GameDaily office to prove why Killzone 2 rules.

We asked for a bailout and received this guy

To celebrate the arrival of Killzone 2, Sony sent a Helghast soldier to the GameDaily office so that he could pimp the video game, renew our faith in PlayStation 3 and run amok. Little did we know that he'd take over as GameDaily CEO and force us to burn our Xbox 360s. We should have known better than to trust a dude with such an evil looking mask."

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user94220773570d ago

Screw that, I'm staying at home, just waiting for that mail to come through, then off to my room, turn on the ps3, slip in Killzone 2, have multiple orgasms.

I don't think I'll leave my room till I complete Killzone 2.

Fishy Fingers3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Mask is amazing! Think he can see out of that?

PixlSheX3570d ago

Then i can take the world and burn some ISA's as5es.

cryymoar3570d ago

its funny cause GG is making us play as the ISA for the SP, but nobody even likes the ISA, everyone loves the Helghasts.

And it's a good thing Killzone 2 isn't an MMO, otherwise there would be more people playing as the Helghasts than the ISA and the PVP or RVR would be ruined.

PixlSheX3570d ago

Funny is that a lot of ppl will be playing as Helghast on MP. But what ppl don't know is that the helghast have a major disadvantage... I'm not going to say it, bc it's very obvius LOL.

interrergator3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

i demand a perfect 20