Evil Avatar: Skate 2 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "A revolution is often pretty hard to follow-up. Does Black Box manage to improve on their skating masterpiece or merely mimic forgotten competitors?

Even those who were particularly devoted to the Tony Hawk series couldn't fail but recognize the quantum shift that Skate introduced into the skateboarding genre. Black Box introduced flick style controls, as seen in games like Fight Night, to give the player a brutal connection to their board and their skater. A little more than a year on and heavy expectations have fallen on the sequel, surely it's just a matter of tidying up loose ends and throwing together new content? Unfortunately not."

The Good

* When you are free to experiment the trick system remains an absolute joy.
* The interplay between the new and the familiar provides exciting new options.
* Presentation remains immaculate and the music choices better suit the game's laid back attitude.

The Bad

* The additions of bail challenges, on foot travel and moving items adds nothing to the overall experience.
* Character customisation options are now severely limited.
* Slappy's is no longer your hub and it's departure invokes a feeling of separation from the in-game skating community.

The Ugly

* Extremely broken and buggy challenges that block your road to the best aspects of the game.
* Charging for video editing options is downright despicable.

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