The Eastern Section in Shadow of the Colossus discovered by Pikol

For years Shadow of the Colossus players have wondered what lies in the Eastern section of the map. Many suggested that this part of the map was host to the lands shown in the intro scenes of the game. What no one imagined was that it was home to something more mysterious.

Using an emulator, and some magic boots, fellow member Pikol made his way to yet another discovery, an unfinished building of sorts which looks unlike anything else in the game. Architecture wise it looks much more modern than the temples and arenas where colossi roam. It actually looks more similar to the castle in ICO.

To experience this discovery yourselves, check out Pikol's video of his adventure:

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Lord Anubis3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

shadow of the colossus music make me sad :(

but i enjoy hearing it.

this one is one of my favorite:

i don't think it was released for the game.

typikal823593d ago

I get sad everytime I think of Argo falling.


TOO PAWNED3593d ago

Yes but he survives...

Alex_Mexico3593d ago

@TOO PAWNED: Yet the boy never knows since he kinda "died" before he got to see the horse (or his lady) alive again.
That ending made me cry to a videogame for the first time in my life.

FarEastOrient3593d ago

That last piece of music from Xenogears made me so sad and happy about a game I beat three times and one of my favorites from the PS1 era. You can play it on Japan's PSN, but I wonder why you can't play it in the other markets!?!

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Xandet3593d ago

That was epic, and the music just gave me chills to go along with it. Mad props to that guy for having the patience to find such a thing.. really makes you wonder what the deal is behind it.

Kain813593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

:::cool soundtrack

ThatCanadianGuy3593d ago

Been playing this game the last few days!
Years later and it still amazes me..

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The story is too old to be commented.