Cory Barlog Working on Script for Sony

1UP writes: "As part of a retrospective interview posted today on 1UP, former God of War 2 director and current freelance designer/writer Cory Barlog revealed that he is working with Sony on an upcoming project.

In his words: 'I'm doing some work for Sony. I'm not able to announce specifically what that is, but I'm working on a script for them, so that's pretty sweet. I think it'll be something that everyone's fairly familiar with. That's probably all I can say about it. [Laughs] You can make your speculations from there.'"

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Kain813565d ago

is he working on a sequell for something or a complete new IP?

MasFlowKiller3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

hopefully its a new IP because this dude is a genius just look at GOW 2, he is one of my top 5 people in the video game industry

Kain813565d ago

cause he say:"I think it'll be something that everyone's fairly familiar with."

Cyrus3653565d ago

GoW movie script is my guess.

Xandet3565d ago

I know every PlayStation gamer is familiar with it.. I don't know what else he could mean by saying that.

Kain813565d ago

are working on Twisted Metal.

San Frandisco3565d ago

hmm,interesting,looks like its going to be an exclusive though thats 4sho-
all i can say is SONY!,you better help them financially with the game development and make sure they get the support they need to make this badass game.

cant go wrong wen you got the director from GoW2 helming another game idea/script at sony.

holy sh!t this is only the begining of 2009 in early february and we are all reay hearing about more exclusives popping out for the ps3... and not ones that just pop out like goffers then die a few minutes later lol.
these games are the big hitters for us ps3 gamers.. you allready got BOTH GoW directors (jaffe & barlog) pitching a game or 2 in and still m ore to be announced as the months (or even WEEKS) go on,especially at E3 and GDC.

well,in closing comments,my heart pounds and adreneline got going once the dude said "think it'll be something that everyone's fairly familiar with"-
oh snap!

Cyrus3653565d ago

It's probably a branching story to God of War, since GoW is a triology meant to end, there is probably something following a similar time line or something.

He says something familar with, so it's definitely not a new IP.

But as well, he says he's writing a script, doesn't neccessarily mean game script, maybe he's helping writing the god of war movie script?

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