Rumor Killers: Gears 3 on PS3, Heavy Rain in June, Mass Effect DLC Coming Soon?

Will Gears of War 3 come to the PlayStation 3?
Heavy Rain pouring in June?
New Mass Effect DLC coming soon?

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Danja3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

im pretty sure Gears 3 wont grace the PS3 with it's presence , M$ wouldn't let such an important game slip doubt about that..

as for Heavy Rain I wouldn't mind thats the perfect time IMO , exams will be ending around that I can actually enjoy this game for wat it is.....

Mass Effect DLC..would be cool...

cryymoar3534d ago


but Heavy Rain AND Infamous this June? This summer should be fun for all PS3 gamers.

shoinan3534d ago

I don't know if it's going to deliver, but I'm so excited for it.

interrergator3534d ago

and uncharted 2 bringin up the rear

GWAVE3534d ago

I find it odd how Rumor Killers repeatedly and consistently reports pro-PS3 rumors (such as Fallout 3 DLC, Left 4 Dead Port, Mass Effect 2 on PS3, or in this case Gears 2) as "Highly unlikely" or "Rumor killed" whereas pro-360 rumors are embellished with all sorts of reasons and explanations for why it is "highly likely". Need I remind anyone that the exact same reasons for Gears 3 being on 360 only (Microsoft wouldn't let this one go, Gears is an important franchise, etc) are the very same arguments Sony fanboys used to "prove" that Final Fantasy 13 would be PS3-exclusive?

N4Garbage3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Gwave you suffer from a rare form of paranoia...

This whole gen Ps3 has gotten the shaft on many things.

Including half the thing you listed.

Fallout 3 DLC, Left 4 Dead port...

as for your FF13 argument how is Gears of War in that position?

Every Square Enix game to be published this entire gen on consoles combined is outsold by the Gears of War series which is just 2 games.

Epic isn't in a detrimental financial position.

Square Enix doesn't have that open house pool of 150+million consoles to swim around in.

Remember Sony "doesn't" pay for exclusives anymore there sitting high on that horse.

MSFT is still in it's investment stage in this console world helping out 3rd party devs.

The support MSFT gives to these 3rd party devs will pay off in the long run only short minded people see it as a waste.

Marcelles253534d ago

first of all who cares seconds we all know gears of war isnt coming to the ps3 so this is pretty pointless that would be like littlebigplanet 2 going to XBOX

ExXxilE3533d ago

there is no way in hell that gears of war 3 will be on the ps3, your right the MS cash cow wont let that happen.

And i do hope that mass effect DLC will finally be released

Lifendz3533d ago

exclusive demos, taking 3rd party exclusives from PS3, then I absolutely doubt they'd EVER let Sony get Gears on PS3. It would be too much. MS doesn't have much in the way of in-house games. They'd essentially have Halo as their one exclusive franchise. I suppose Fable could be argued as well but that isn't enough.

I wish MS paid as much money towards making a 360 that didn't RROD rather than spending so much on exclusive DLC.

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PS360WII3534d ago

Oh I really do want another DLC pack for Mass Effect :) that'd rock!

Heavy Rain the sooner the better ^.-

as for Gears... don't really care honestly

predator3534d ago

Man I would love more Mass Effect DLC.

Gears is to important to MS for them to let slip

Heavy Rain would be awesome at that time

TOSgamer3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Gears 3 on PS3. It really depends how many copies Epic thinks they can sell on PS3. If they believe they can sell 2 million copies on PS3. Then lets say Epic makes $30 per copy sold. That is 60 mill MS would have to pony up for lost sales. I'm not saying MS won't do it but that's a lot of dough.

GarandShooter3534d ago

Even if Gears did come to the PS3, I've played the first two and would buy the 3rd for the 360. It's one of the reasons I own a 360.

Heavy Rain can't come soon enough for me. I look forward to each new piece of info on the game.

HoangLow3534d ago

what do they mean GOW on ps3, god of war 3 is coming to the ps3

predator3534d ago

where do you see GOW? I see Gears of War, I don't see GOW

xTruthx3534d ago

Lol phail..... happens...

cayal3534d ago

That is horrible logic to assume Gears will come to the PS3.

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