NZGamer: Funtown Mahjong Review

NZGamer writes: "Before being given this game to review, I had of course heard of Mahjong - but I had no idea what it really was. Keen to try something new, I decided to give this game a try. 'It's just like dominoes', one of my friends said. 'I'll just do the tutorial', I thought. How hard could it be? Just like in Top Gear, the previous sentence was the sign of immanent disaster.

Five minutes in, the turorial showed that I was being ambitious. Bamboo six? East? Chow? Kong? My poor head! A bit of asking around showed I wasn't the only one confused by all this; googling the rules and printing them out helps. A lot! A shame really as a strong tutorial would have been a good selling point for those that wanted to learn."

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