New "mode" coming to Resident Evil 5 via DLC

DarkZero: In the March issue of the US edition of Playstation: The Official Magazine, a review for Resident Evil 5 was on show. Over the course of the review the mag praised the game, like quite a few print outlets have being doing, giving it a score of 5/5. Near the end they make a mysterious statement that more-or-less confirms Resident Evil 5 will be getting DLC somewhere down the line.

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Joey Greco RULES3568d ago

should get a an MMO.

Yes, I know this sounds crazy. But it could be ridiculously awesome.

HighDefinition3567d ago

It better NOT be the "Survival Mode" like when you beat RE4. That sh!t better be included in the game.

Blasphemy3567d ago

If done rightit could be awesome. I wouldn't mine seeing one aswell. Supposedly Resident Evil 5 is 18 hours. I can see me putting hundreds of hours into the game if that is true after playing the online co op in the demo.

Darkseider3568d ago

With a new mode comes new controls that don't drive me insane. Granted no run and gun is fine I can dig that. BUT when going to shoot the LEAST it could do is auto lock on the nearest baddie in your field of view and then from there you can use the right analog to shoot others. As it stands now you hit L1 to pull that gun and you could be aiming at anything from a zombie to a watermelon.

iHEARTboobs3568d ago

but i'm still not giving up on it. But I wasn't really wowed by the demo. Did look great though.

Disclaimer: The above statement is solely opinion.

bunbun7773567d ago

not a fan of it myself-- always thought it was a cheap way to generate action and to try to get console players into thinking they are better and more skilled.

Though I am not opposed to a feature that incorporates this--- kinda like a beginning mode- to allow newer players to co-op with more experienced players and not feel like they are only getting in 10% of the shots.

Bumpmapping3568d ago

Lets hope its free, if the game as good as they say I wouldn't mind paying.....I also rember watching interview on Game trailers, they were talking about a Multiplayer mode they seemed very interested in it

ftwps33568d ago

Im interested in how that would work?
Unless of course they were referring to the Co-Op already in the game (Its technically multi-player)

thats_just_prime3568d ago

I'd love a horde type mode. Facing waves of endless zombies with your friends be fun ass hell.

bunbun7773567d ago

it was in RE4 and it was fun--if you liked fast paced kill kill kill.

which I did quite a bit- it better be in the 5.

Bumpmapping3568d ago

Maybe a spinoff of a infection mode, that would be sick.

cayal3567d ago

Would it actually take much for Run n Gun to be implemented in an already finished game? Does anyone know?

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The story is too old to be commented.