Talking About Games: Fable II Review

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"Even with its flaws, Fable II is captivating in the sense that it gives you so much freedom of choice and so much flexibility in combination with your imagination. Traditional RPG fans will probably not enjoy Fable II because its storyline is never quite as gripping as its game world. Like the case was with the original Fable, it is the action/adventure or Legend of Zelda fan who will most likely enjoy Fable II the most. However, anyone with an imagination and an open mind can find a lot of fun things to do. Fable II could have used a little more development time, with increased focus on improving problems from the original Fable, fixing bugs, and smoothing out frame rate issues. Instead of being a smooth experience that could potentially sell Xbox 360s this holiday season, Fable II is a little too messy to recommend to everyone."

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