Talking About Games: Guitar Hero: World Tour Review

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"There are enough new additions in GH: WT to make it feel like its own game. But at this point, Rock Band and Guitar Hero have pushed the genre so far that the two franchises don't really offer dramatically different experiences. The instruments in GH: WT definitely feel better than those in Rock Band, but not by much. The music creation software is a nice touch, but there may not be enough diamonds in the rough to make it worthwhile. Heck, even the difficulty of GH: WT has been tuned down from previous installments. At this point, the decision can easily come down to the track list. I can tell you, however, that if you do end up deciding on GH: WT rather than Rock Band 2, the experience will not be so different that you feel guilty for the choice. This game is definitely a lot of fun to play, but the level of enjoyment is never going to differ drastically from the one provided by its nearest competitor."

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