Talking About Games: The Maw Review

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"Recommending this game is difficult, and I admit that it took me as much time to write the review as it did to play through most of the game to full completion. Still, there is a lot of credit to be given and fun to be had. Twisted Pixel made a lovable crew out of Frank and Maw, and Maw will certainly go down as one of my favorite video game characters. While short, the game is fun to play and offers an interesting take on the platform genre. Finishing the game is no less rewarding than it should be. The graphics, music, and sound effects are above and beyond similar values in other XBLA games. Ultimately, the best way to test the waters is to try the Trial Version of the game – it might hook you (or "leash" you, like Frank does to Maw), or it might completely turn you away. Still, it must be said that The Maw is cute, simple, and fun to play – and there are certainly worse ways to spend 800 Microsoft Points than on an experience that is so Pixar-esque."

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