Intel to Launch 32-Nanometer CPUs by September 2009

Soon after AMD started launching its first 45-nanometer chips into the market, the company's Phenom II CPUs, Intel has announced plans to push into an industry-first 32-nanometer architecture. According to Intel CEO Paul Otellini, the company is planning a massive financial push--approximately $2 billion in new U.S. manufacturing investments over the next two years--to begin bringing 32-nanometer Westmere chips into servers, desktop, and notebook PCs as early as September of this year.

"We recognize risk-taking is not a move that is common at the moment," said Intel Executive Vice-President Sean Maloney in an interview with BusinessWeek. "But when you can build faster, cheaper, simpler, more attractive, and more compelling devices, it's a safer bet than you'd imagine."

The move comes as a bit of a surprise for industry analysts. While Intel's roadmap is no secret, the company was expected to delay its launch date for new 32-nanometer chips as a result of the weakening decline for computers during the current economic crunch.

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