Rare Xbox Live gamertag 'Hitman' up for sale on eBay

If you're the kind of video game player who likes to spend hours in shooters like Call of Duty or Halo and you want to instantly pick up some serious street cred, what better Xbox Live gamertag than "Hitman" could you get?

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GrieverSoul3597d ago

Why would I want someone else´s gamertag? Just because it has Hitman as its name? uhm... NOT!

Heldrasil3596d ago

It's sad that someone has already bid on this crap, unless it the seller bidding on his own post.

evrfighter3596d ago

Well its not unheard of. 4-5 digit steam id's can be sold to some kid that wants ppl to think he's been gaming on steam since its release.

Rofflecopter3596d ago

well heck, if you want a 5 digit steamID, ill sell mine if someone wants it that bad!

WildArmed3596d ago

wow thats sad..
I dont know why anyone would buy that.

Lemme rephrase that,
I dont know why any SANE person would buy that.

SL1M DADDY3596d ago

Not much of a "Hitman" is he?

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IronAva3596d ago

Hey try adding a few X's to your name (HITMANxxx) and BAM! no need to buy that tag.

militant073596d ago

its will work but it wont be RARE

ftwps33596d ago

Only 4000GS wow he didn't put that name to good use.

Seraphim3596d ago

Lol, that's what I was thinking. He snagged the tag in beta yet he's only amassed a score of 4k? This kid isn't much of a gamer or Hitman is he. ;) In a year I rang my score up to nearly 20k and I haven't even been playing my 360 much these past 4-6 months because the PS3 has dominated my time lately.... 4k, what a joke. Who's the fool? The person selling it or the person buying?


i bet he is selling it because he is actually a Noob and has been getting lots of crap for having a name like that and playing Sh£t !

i like my name and have never come across another one like it... there are lots of Darks, but only one DARK WITNESS !

i would love to catch this guy on COD4 though.

darkdoom30003596d ago

people actually buy this sh!t?

I could sorta understand if it had lots and lots of gamerpoints.

Philip J Fry3596d ago

I am the only person with my gamertag. I guess that makes it rare. Maybe someone will pay hundreds for mine.

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The story is too old to be commented.