Sonic and the Black Knight trailer

A new trailer for Sonic and the Black Knight has been released.

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GWAVE3592d ago

I can picture that conference room over at Sonic Team. Someone makes a David Spade voice and says:

"I'm going to ask directions to our next huge embarrassing failure"

ChickeyCantor3592d ago

Actually this one isn't really badly recieved, just so you know.

Smacktard3592d ago

"I hope nobody's actually looking forward to this retarded cash-in."

"Well, you can bet they are"

"Now why would you think people would be looking forward to such a retarded cash-in?"

"Because people are retarded, Jim."

Smacktard3592d ago

I don't know why I'm getting the disagrees.

No seriously let me point it out:

it's a sonic game

with swords

why swords? god i don't know

What has Sonic EVER had to do with Swords? And when was the last time Sonic had a good console game? If you ask me, it was probably the one on the Sega CD.

Has anyone even watched videos of it? Did anyone see the "boss fight"? All you had to do was wiggle the remote a ton when it prompted you to. What makes this game desirable to own? I don't understand it. It's worse than Werehog. It's... it's... DOUBLE WEREHOG.

Xander-RKoS3592d ago

Sonic and the Secret Rings, and hey, this game is that game's sequel.

PS3Freak3592d ago

SONIC 3d on the genesis was the last good sonic game.

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Myst3592d ago

This looks pretty good, I think I will add this one to the list of Wii games I will be getting this year. I remember last year the title alone caused some people to look away, but looking at this trailer and the first trailer I have to say that I will probably get this one. :)

PS3Freak3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

ya, i'll be adding it to my list too.
Here it is:

1. Sonic and the black night

....anybody want to buy my wii?

Da One3592d ago

looks anyway sonic unleashed fooled alot of people

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