Capcom to make PS3's Home much cooler

It's been a long time since I've been on PlayStation 3's Home. Sony's virtual online world was interesting for a week or two, but after all that bumping and grinding and fake cuss words, I kind of got bored and left.

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GWAVE3592d ago

It's cool how Home continues to no cost to the user.

iHEARTboobs3592d ago

I'm waiting on that EA space to drop. Also can't wait for some other developer to try to outdo that.

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xwabbit3592d ago

Cant wait for all of this :)

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GVON3592d ago

seems like these and stuff for resident evil 5 will be down to rewards in the games.

"As you may have heard, Capcom is set to expand its blockbuster franchises globally with Street Fighter and Resident Evil within PlayStation Home. Resident Evil 5 fans can launch straight from PlayStation Home into the game. And for the Street Fighter fans, Capcom is bringing Street Fighter IV costumes and additional themed content to PlayStation Home, much of which will be unlocked through in-game actions."

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THC CELL3592d ago

dose home fill ya hard drive or is it dedicated space ?

Super-Brad3592d ago

It's only 3.5gb on the HDD, but thats nothing most people upgrade the drive if they need/want to.

ftwps33592d ago

Unless it gives me a better reason then that I still wont care...

Back to KZ2 demo, something thats actually good

Ldubbz3592d ago

People still use that?

Sevir043592d ago

so yes people still use it. by the end of 2009 it'll be an amazing place to check out.

Ldubbz3592d ago

5 million? Arent there GAMES to play on PS3? To each his/her own I suppose....

cmrbe3592d ago

needs to do more to get my respect back. MH3 back to the PS3 would do the trick.

MelaDarkwood3592d ago

I definitely agree. I would begin to like, even support Capcom again if they brought MH3 to the PS3/360. Nothing against the Wii, it's great that they're actually have some good games for the system, but MH3 would probably sell better on PS3/360. Not to mention look better. Oh well, if Capcom doesn't want my money, fine. I'm not getting a Wii just for Monster Hunter. I will be sad, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.