MyPS3: Fallout 3 Review


"While Fallout 3 does have its fair share of issues, it's pretty hard to say that it's not one of the most ambitious games in quite a while. Between it's setting, graphical detail, and the sheer amount of character in the world, The Capital Wastelands is one of the most realized game worlds. It would have been nice to have more to do, to give the game a bit more on going purpose, but exploring it is pretty addictive in itself. Combat could use some tweaking, even just having some sharper controls would have been great, and the world does suffer from Oblivion syndrome from time to time, however despite all of the above, Fallout is still a hideously engrossing adventure that you'd be a fool to miss out on... or incredibly smart if you know.... you have a life, that you'd like to keep going with."

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