appVersity Review: Low Grav Racer

appVersity writes: "One that copies or closely resembles another, as in appearance or function is the definition of clone, and on face value Low Grav Racer sure does look and sound like a Wipeout clone which there is no doubt that this game was conceived from. However in this case im not sure the word clone is the appropriate description."

"Once the game starts you will astounded at the level of detail and professionalism that Low Grav racing offers. It's suffice to say that screen shots do not do this game justice. It's a beautiful sight to behold, and while it might not be actually PSP quality I can tell you it's leagues better than anything the DS can offer and just shy of the Playstation offerings. Oh and you get all this for about a third of the cost of one of those versions as well."

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