List of Demands: Bioshock 2

Zach Drapala writes: "[Each day this week Turbo Asylum will be featuring a new List of Demands, a few bullet points detailing what Turbo Asylum wants to see out of a highly anticipated sequel]

More roaming bosses: We loved the Big Daddy, but after awhile, they were kind of easy to take down. Give us a few more this time; include a couple of distinct roaming enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Don't try to be too much of an FPS: Bioshock succeeded at being a competent shooter, but the exploration and plasmid bits were far more interesting. We hope 2K doesn't try to tweak the formula too much, and while we're okay with tighter shooting controls, we don't want the other parts of Bioshock 2 to suffer because of an FPS emphasis.........."

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