Wanted dev: Multiplayer hurts games

When Wanted: Weapons of Fate arrives for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC next month, gamers who pick up the interactive sequel to last year's action film will get the chance to try out their bullet curving technique on the game's many assassin adversaries. However, they won't be able to twist lead into one another, as the third-person shooter lacks a multiplayer mode.

During an appearance on the latest installment of GameSpot's HotSpot podcast, Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group's Pete Wanat--the executive producer on Weapons of Fate--explained the reasons behind that decision. Wanat said most people who play multiplayer games just play the best of the bunch, and that developers spend too much effort putting multiplayer modes into games that don't need them.

"For the most part, we waste our money and our time building multiplayer levels," Wanat said. "And why do we do this? Because a couple years ago the press was all about saying, 'This game has to have multiplayer, there's no replayability.' F*** that. That's a bad joke."

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Darkseider3568d ago

Wondering if after this news sales will be hurt?

WildArmed3568d ago

lol yeah.
Multi player is why i still play some none triple AAA games.
To be a single player game, it better be AAA for it to sell..
Uncharted, Fable 2 (even Fable 2 had co-op) etc etc are examples... and they are hard to follow.

Saladfax3568d ago

They'll be hard pressed to make a game from a film license that doesn't suck, much less provide good enough single player to make people want to drop $60 to own it.

Good games from films and vice versa are pretty few and far between.