Top 10: Nintendo Cancelled Games

A Top 10 list full of quality Nintendo titles that were cancelled for one reason or other. The games on the list are taken from all Nintendo Consoles.

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panasonic233597d ago

man that winter game made me jump at the end.

SinnedNogara3597d ago

Yeah, that was creepy. I wish that game and Red Faction B.E.A.S.T weren't cancelled.

Myst3597d ago

Some of those games look like they would be fun to play. For the most part I'd like to see is for winter to make a comeback. In all honesty I like the artwork it has for the cover. Has a grunge type of look to it which I suppose draws me in to the game. It's reason for cancelling is also rather interesting as well:

"The main reasons cited were the fact that this was too mature of a game for the Wii audience, and with the game being a new IP it would difficult to sell to the public."

I find this to be the problem with some developers, if they are always going to see the Wii as a "Baby's toy" then how will it ever get to that level of having this type of game? *Sigh* hopefully with the introduction of MadWorld and some other games that have an M rating, this game will be brought out. As I'd really like to see something of a grunge feel for the Wii. :)

ThatArtGuy3597d ago

Winter looks quite good. I think I will sign the petition.

Myst3597d ago

Thank you for pointing out that petition, I must have skimmed over that link. I think I will sign it as well and hopefully it won't be just another internet petition.

SinnedNogara3597d ago

I did. I was 10556. Everyone who reads this, try to press the "Agree" button.

TheColbertinator3597d ago

Resident Evil 3.5? Wow thats a new one to me

Sad to see Winter and Metroid Dread might never see the light of day

2FootYard3597d ago

Those were some cool looking games.

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The story is too old to be commented.