IGN Weekly: Warhawk, THQ Gamers Day, and NY Comic Con

IGN Weekly reveals new footage and details for Warhawk on the PLAYSTATION 3 in an exclusive preview. Also in this episode is coverage of THQ Gamers Day and the NY Comic Con.

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DJ4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Whether this will show up at retail, be downloadable, or both... I'm glad they made the volumetrics more subtle and realistic. The gameplay also seems less skewed towards air combat, with the Warhawk getting some improved maneuvering.

HungPHAT4307d ago

IAM cool with online only for this game , but wondering if this game will be on disk or not , I would say Disk because of storage

techie4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

It's online only and downloadable only - no disc. Is that a bad thing? I dont think so...I think it's an advantage. It's just a flying game...dum dee dum ...ok it's not just flying anymore. But still... I think downloadable and online only is a good thing. More people will get it, it'll be'll be a great online experience.

Maldread4307d ago

seems to be going down the battlefield style to me. It may look as though they will try to much, as the on-foot sections don`t appear as good as the rest. Still, an interesting game to see the progress in.

gokuss1220024307d ago

seeing that it is online only (meaning you will need the internet to play)having to download it (also requiring the internet)would eliminate someone from buying and wasting their money on the disc but not being able to play due to lack of internet connection. (although unlikely from if you can afford a PS3, chances are, you have the internet)

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