Bungie Weekly Update

Another Bungie Weekly Update, where they keep you apprised of stuff happening in the creation of Halo 3. This week, animation, grass, water, weather, weapons and more. And Sketch pops in with a little hot dish of Halo 2 mappery.

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zonetrooper54301d ago

Damn i can't wait to play the Halo 3 Beta and the final version of the game in Fall 2007, i'm ready to finish the fight. I also can't wait to download the new Halo 2 maps coming out.

Gamer134301d ago

It sounds pretty good.

IM OUT...///"""

eques judicii4301d ago

if all these physics and AI gets into the final version i'm going to have a seisure of pure joy... from the way they keep describing the current build I see no reason to think that this game will not be the game of the year and blow gears of war out of the water!!

Skizelli4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

I believe Halo 3 will blow Gears out of the water come Fall. Halo just has more depth to it. The Halo universe is more interesting as well. Gears looks incredible and the campaign was a blast, but there's nothing next-gen about it other than graphics in my opinion. The controls certainly weren't next-gen. Nothing in the campaign blew me away, either. It was immersing, however. I'll give it that. Most people I know that have owned Gears have traded it in or have stopped playing it all together. I think what made it break the 3 million mark is 1) word of mouth, 2) graphics, 3) violence, and 4) how simple the multiplayer is. It just didn't have enough depth to keep me interested. Of course this is only my opinion, not a fact. So take no offense.

eques judicii4300d ago

i'd agree that thats a reason for GOW success... but none of my friends have traded it in and the two games that I see people playing now are crackdown and GOW... anyhow, i don't think that any game will feature "next gen" controls on the xbox 360 because it still has a standard control pad. However, that doesn't mean that the game won't be next gen. Halo 3 will most likely have similar control scheme to halo 2 and most of the features will be the same. What will make it next gen are the physics, graphics, and AI. That was the same with GOW...

I think we are beyond saying that things are next gen... because this is the current gen... What you might say is a game like bullet witch is last gen... but not game is really next gen anymore... not until xbox 3 and ps4 and the wiilite come out...

Skizelli4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Control is much more than just a controller. It's also how the game makes use of the controller in question. The controller itself just makes a layout comfortable. I'm glad MS and Sony haven't changed their controllers by much (my only gripe being the 360's d-pad). As for GoW, mapping more than one function to A was a mistake in my opinion. Especially when it comes to gameplay mechanics. It leaves too much room for error (wanting to roll instead of take cover, for example). Some games just have the right setup for their mechanics, like Halo. If gameplay mechanics change, usually the controller setup does, too. I'm in no way saying GoW is a terrible game. It's a good game. Just overrated. It's one of, if not THE best looking games on 360 right now, it has lots of gore, it's gritty and very adult, and that pulls people in. The multiplayer could've used a lot of work. It gets stale too fast. I'm still very much looking forward to a sequel, however. Some people love it, some people hate it, some are tired of it (like me). That goes for any game.

Chagy4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Another Bungie Weekly Update,We Bungie Are Over.................Rated. Thank You For Your Time

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