HAWX Demo Screens and Trailer

The demo will offer a training mode and a mission based over Rio De Janeiro which you can see in the screens below (click each thumbnail for a nice high-res version). That mission features jump in/jump out four player co-op play as will be seen in the final retail version.

Other details for the H.A.W.X. demo as well as a cool trailer are as follows.

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ftwps33567d ago

I like the "advanced warfighter" reference at the beginning with the suspiciously familiar soldier.

The whole, "when hopes lost" thing could be a the dev's way of saying that the game will surpass, the AW series.

NaiNaiNai3567d ago

why does the :42 look alot like AC6 first lvl without the bridge XD.

and T_T why was there more CG then gameplay.

game looks good, but still doens't look like it will fly as smooth as AC6.