Battlefield Heroes Beta To Resume Tomorrow (FEB 11th 09)

If your anything like me then you have been waiting and wondering when the Battlefield Heroes Beta would return to action. Well wait no more (ok, well maybe like 12hours), it will finally be back online Wed, Feb 11th as seen on their official website. Anyone that has a beta key already will be able to log on to the beta servers starting tomorrow.

As reported by shacknews last week Battlefield Heroes is expected to be released by April full scale. So we can not say for sure but we would expect a lot more people to be receiving beta keys in the next few weeks to help with the testing. If you have not signed up for a beta key yet then you might want to go here and do so now.

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showmethegames3568d ago

this game looks too cartoonish and fake for me. i loved BATTLEFIELD 2 but this game is just plain ugly.

TheIneffableBob3568d ago

Well, cartoonish and fake is the art style they were going for, so I guess they succeeded.

pcgia3568d ago

The only problem I have is the hype and how long it's taken to come around has made me loose interest a bit, I'm sure the wait will be worth it though and it'll be very fun.