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Sega releasing a new games console? Worst. Idea. Ever


"Sega hasn't been involved in the home console market for seven years now, after deciding to call it a day when the Dreamcast bombed quite spectacularly. But there is now speculation that the company could be planning a return to the scene of its greatest triumphs. Seriously, a new Sega console? Worst. Idea. Ever.

Sega was, at one time, the pinnacle of the games industry. Who can forget those heady days when it was Sega versus Nintendo; Sonic versus Mario (not at the Olympics), and neither Sony or Microsoft had even entered the race. And then it all went slightly pear-shaped for Sega." (Culture)

BigKev45  +   1995d ago
Sega releasing a new games console? Worst. Idea. Ever
qface64  +   1994d ago
i agree
sega is loosing money and letting allot of employees go as well as closing down a bunch of arcades

where would they get the funding for such a large scale operation not to mention without the financial support they get from wii/ps3/360 they would just be knocking on bankruptcies door

at least the way i see it
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Kulupoo  +   1994d ago
worst idea for the game company.
but i love my dreamcast, so i wouldnt mind another sega console; however i dont see that likely to happen
phantomshadow  +   1995d ago
I'm pretty sure I can find ideas worse than Sega releasing a new home console.

Also, the article was pretty boring.
panasonic23  +   1995d ago
some one seem scare that sega might make come back
Pennywise  +   1995d ago
There is not enough room for four. Or money.
somekindofmike  +   1994d ago
Your right, there physically isn't enough room under my TV for four consoles!
pippoppow  +   1994d ago
Out of the 3 main consoles I wouldn't mind MS leaving and Sega coming back next gen. Would love to see next gen sequels to some of their classic series. They would have to risk it all most likely which means it's unlikely. Although if they keep coming out with high quality titles like VC but with better sales, then maybe they may have the funds to really give it a go next gen. I think many people over the years have realised how good Sega was for the gaming industry and would welcome them back. The question is, would it be a low, mid or high end system and what features it would bring.
WLPowell  +   1994d ago
The only good thing that can come from this...
Is they might actually finish the shenmue trilogy. Other than that, I just don't know. Sonic's dead to me. maybe condemned and valkaria series' can see a lot of whored out concepts.
Half-Mafia  +   1994d ago
who would buy this new sega console over a PS3/4 or Xbox 360/720.

and all the games Sega make nowadays r crap and that would be there exclusives for there console. lmao

there has never been such a bad idea.
Magnus  +   1994d ago
Sega making a console again would be nice but would developers jump aboard with the idea. The only system in the history of Sega to have a lot of developers was the Genesis. I'd buy their new console but it would be hard for me not to play my PS3 and 360, I'd say if anything they should try their hands at the handheld market first then try the big consoles. Plus if I remeber there was an article on here today about Sega loosing money in the arcade department and closing doors and laying people off. I'd say try the console but when the economy becomes more stable.
Myst  +   1994d ago
Perhaps the Sega 32x2? :)

Aside from that horribly bad joke, I would like to see Sega do another console, but being that we already have three consoles in the market would it be wise for Sega to do such? Perhaps if it was a median between the 360 and the Wii maybe, then again most people (Actually quite a few) know Sega as being a game maker and never knew they had a system, (Well a few older people think this like my parents for example). Overall I'd say if Sega continues with new games and perhaps a revision and revitalization of old games, I'd be happy. If they remade a system I'd be happy for that to :). Just for the love of it all, please don't try to do the Sega 32x, Sega CD, and then try to make the Neptune when another system is coming out let's be consistent this time if you come back Sega :)
Dogswithguns  +   1994d ago
i love SEGA. that's what and how i gotten into videogames in the first place.... im still wanting a SEGA console for a new one.
kelvin22  +   1994d ago
Sega please dont do it just keep working on games its not t he best time for you please just keep making my psu aoti server runable plz lol
Tony P  +   1994d ago
Sega isn't what it used to be at all. Even the most diehard fan can see that. Personally, besides Valkyria Chronicles, Sega hasn't made a single game I've wanted to play this gen. If they were considering a new console, which I don't think they are, I'd get it but I wouldn't be too hopeful of its chances.
Deadpool101  +   1994d ago
I think Sega should get back into the console arena. I still, to this day, would rank the Dreamcast as one of, if not the, best consoles ever. It had some of the most original and addictive games ever made and it deserved to do better in the market than it did. The rise of the Playstation brand, the shadow of the Sega Saturn (and the 32x and mega cd) and some truely awful advertsing (in the UK anyway) shortened the life of what was a brilliant games console. I hope sega give it another go, but this time they should take a small leaf out of Microsofts Halo 3 book..."if you want it to sell big (no matter how good or bad it is), advertise the hell out of it!!!".
stonecold3  +   1994d ago
i would
like to see sega back in as but i hope they do come back cause i would support them for sure as nintendo has made a machine like the wii and lack of software support and a machine is only capable bringing last gen graphics to the table and ive noticed in catalogs all i see is onlyt kiddy machine and then we have xbox 360 rrod problems i would rather sega over microsoft and nintendo if sega came back
Bengoshi-San  +   1994d ago
If SEGA made another system, I would seriously consider buying it.

With the way the gaming industry is right now, the more competition the better. It will make everyone bring their A game.

Besides, the Dreamcast may not have been a success in terms of sales, but it had some of my favorite games on it.


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