SeXbox: A gamer's guide to giving the perfect gift this Valentine's Day

This article offers Valentine's Day suggestions for gamers on a budget forgo the typical Valentine's Day gifts this year. "Instead of chocolates and roses, why not give your partner a high-quality massage using a helpful tutorial video available on Netflix's 'Watch Instantly' service?" For the price of a little baby-oil, your mate will be hotter than Georgia asphalt when you're done with her. Sure beats going to "Chile's" and watching "Sleepless in Seattle".

This guide has everything Xbox 360 and PC users need to stream videos from Netflix, and recommendations for Valentine's Day viewing that are sure to help even the most hapless of gamers fulfill their partners' Valentine's Day desires.

Click the link for the recommendations.

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donalbane3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Seriously... this is a good idea.

ftwps33567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

and here I was BUYing things...Im such a chump.

Idk its an idea that would most certainly "surprise", but I think it would work much better after the dinner and gifts, then before or in place of.

(wink wink)