Home: EU PlayStation Manager reveals what's to come

European Home Manager TedTheDog has been on the EU PlayStation forums today giving information about Home and answering some people's questions.

So what did he have to say for himself?

First of all he announced that the PlayStation short movie series, Shoot, will be coming to the Home theatre after the weekly maintenance from Thursday morning.

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SupaPlaya3592d ago

what features has been added since the beta first came out, and it will only get better from here.

SupaPlaya3592d ago

that unless it is negative news or review scores, hardly anyone seems to comment on them?

Pennywise3592d ago

Home just isnt that exciting at the moment. Granted it is different than anything the competition has... but, half the stuff that made HOME exciting is still not there. There is not one single pay to wear costume getup that is going to make me excited.

Love the new dev spaces, I will def. check them out... but I want to be able to launch games, watch movies with friends, have a chat room with at least 8 others that lasts when the games open. I want my trophy room. I would love some radios too. And for the love of GOD, Why are there lines for virtual bowling alleys, pool tables and games? I hate waiting in line in real life... Now I have to wait in real life to play a virtual game? Not too smart.

SupaPlaya3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I agree. While Home has many interesting features, I haven't really found one that I go back to re-use time and time again. Also it'll be nice if they can make the transition from one place to another faster (it takes me about 15 seconds to load each level) and more seamless.

But going at its current rate and seeing that Sony has made good money from selling virtual goods at Home, I expect it to have a lot more interesting features and better support in the near future (game launching in game spaces as you have mentioned).

They could also create tournaments that are to be coordinated or launched from Home where winning gamer or team will get PSN credit in reward or exclusive Home clothing/furniture and such.

Just thinking about the possibilities got me excited. Perhaps we should compile a top Home feature list and submit to the Home team.

Pennywise3592d ago

Well that seems to be the general consensus on home ATM. I think Sony will eventually make it a place we would all want to spend time in.

Something they need to add:

I always feel like I want to throw a punch in home. A HOME fight club deal would rock!! Hope they do some exciting stuff with avatar interaction. SOE always had some cool stuff in the Matrix online... I hope they will implement some of those things.

SupaPlaya3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Yea we have dancing why not punching right?

May be a karate or kung fu fight club, where different clubs can duke it out? They'll need a hospital in Home though...

heroicjanitor3592d ago

Punching is the best idea ever! I'd always be there it'd be a mass online brawl and people would be waiting outside hospitals in trolleys:p

Add in injuries which took time to heal so that the hospital would be useful and it would be the best game ever made

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Chicago85063592d ago

I love hearing about updates 2 Home, cuz needs them. I posted on the suggestions forum once about "dressing rooms," so it's good 2 know they're not only listening 2 us, but also taking action.

Personally, I love Home, it's like an added bonus to my PS-Free, n I'm sure n tha future, all ov the above mentioned ideas will b formed and implemented within Home. I juss don't know y the American Home version is so (watered-down) compared 2 the other regions!

Either way, Thanks Sony for keeping us informed and continuously providing.

SupaPlaya3592d ago

the constant bashing between different "camps", I think the competition from MS and the 360 have definitely made Sony step up their game. I don't think Home would have came out as quickly or have as many frequent features update. The firmware updates would likely be less frequent as well.

So all in all I think the fierce competition have benefited gamers in general.

iHEARTboobs3592d ago

You're right. Gamers with a PS3/360 should be thankful for the competition because that just pushes both Sony and MS to better eachother. Competition like this makes gaming thrive.

3592d ago
whoelse3592d ago

SupaPlaya you make a very good point. If Xbox Live was crap then Sony wouldn't feel they have to put so much of an effort to compete against it

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Magic_The_Celt3592d ago

Who cares? home is buggy garbage

Little tip sony, you could have used all that time and money you did with home to bring PSN up to the standard of XBL

ThatCanadianGuy3592d ago

Buggy? What? I'm on all the time and the only time i lag is when i first walk into the plaza.

Most likely because it has to load up everyone's avatars,tv screens,music & saucer pop in the first 30-40 seconds.

If you're having slow downs.Hell,blame your f*cking internet provider.
The servers in home are great.

Magic_The_Celt3592d ago

^^ sorry canadian guy but i disagree, my ISP is exceptional

it always seems to need a patch, full of jaggies, full of ghosts and its just boring i dont see the appeal.

San Frandisco3592d ago

i believe that if MS and the 360 wernt around then all these awesome features that sony has put out for us ps3 owners (home,in game XMB,custom music ect ect..) would be taking forever to come out and sony would just procrastinate on the firmware updates in all.

but seeing as how MS and the 360 ARE in the console gen with alot to offer and growing as well,that just influences SONY to UP the ps3's features and progress faster on making a worthy console overall.

thats the great thing about the ps3's features is that all the work sony has put in so far is "paying" off sorta speak in a matter of ps3 gamers stay on their console longer and keep it on for more time (wether it be playing games,chating on HOME,Watching movies,Listening to music ect ect..) then the 360.

3592d ago
SupaPlaya3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I have no doubt that hard work and a lot of planning went into Home. I don't think he is suggesting that without 360 there would be no Home either. He's just saying it'll probably take longer for it to come out as there will be one less reason to get it out sooner (NXE anyone?)

To be fair, I also believe that NXE wouldn't have came out as quickly if not for Home either.

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