BritishGaming - Killzone 2 Review

BritishGaming Writes :
"The game begins with a cocked gun and ends with a spent casing, with nothing but explosions, combat and callous murder in-between. Light on story, but heavy on artillery, Killzone 2 is an explosively exciting FPS that stands tall with the forerunners of the genre; relentlessly engaging and effortlessly beautiful, both online and off."

Verdict -Must Buy

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Xandet3542d ago

See, now imagine how much more peaceful the gaming community would be if all reviewers based reviews on a "must buy" "rent" and "don't play" scale instead of numbering..

Great review, btw.

XtreemGamer3542d ago


...and of course the game is a must buy :)

Ninja-Sama3542d ago

Great review. Very well-written.

Helghast Slayer3542d ago

Very god review. If only more reviewers issued a "don't buy/must buy" rating system then the bots would fall and crumble. This is the only thing with sales that they desperately hold onto. Forget the system with the best and highest rated exclusives ever lol.