Is World of Warcraft new hunting ground for sexual predators?

This week, police in PA arrested a 23 year old in conjunction with an indecent relationship with a 14 year old girl he met online in World Of Warcraft. Is world of Warcraft a danger to children or is this the fault of the parents for not paying attention to their child's online habits.

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Jerk1203565d ago

No, that would be playstation home.

heroicjanitor3565d ago


Two different cases of paedos on xbox live and this is just the last month.

Jerk1203565d ago

Okay, so we got 2 pedos on xbox live while Home has like 60% pedos.

heroicjanitor3565d ago

No evidence of it. What I showed you was the last month. Where serious offences have occurred. One asking a boy to send naked pictures of himself. Open your eyes, Live has a serious problem with it and Microsoft needs to do something about it, and while thus far Home hasn't had any serious problems, it is something Sony should keeps an eye on.

Jerk1203565d ago

You're saying that there isn't ONE sexual predator in PS Home.

You have no evidence to support that either.

Because I've no evidence doesn't mean they don't exist, what it means is that they haven't been caught YET.

heroicjanitor3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

You just claimed it is rife with paedophiles, now you are saying that there is some because I haven't proved there isn't? I think there is a magic stone which can turn back time somewhere in the world. It definitely exists because you haven't proved it doesn't. You need evidence to support claims otherwise anyone can claim anything and leave you with the burden of proof. The point is it isn't a big problem in home yet.

Edit: There probably are paedophiles on home but they haven't been given an easy route to kids. All of the avatars are adults so you can't spot kids easily

hydro-lx3565d ago

yeah when theres like one girl on home huh! just cuz you don't have it on ur 360... anyways... i don't care about WoW, but its still the parents fault... it always is... they need to have more control over their children... why else would they be called parents if they're not doing their job...

cereal_killa3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Thank you hydro-lx I'm glad I'm not the only one who see this maybe if these dam parents would keep a better eye on there children when using the PC , Gaming system or TV stuff like this wouldn't happen they obviously have never seen "To Catch a Predator" these losers use the PC/ online gaming to talk to children gain there trust and or make them feel like there in love with you and then they disappear with them, And they use Games or the PC as the excuse of why, giving the said Game the bad name and removing all the blame on the parents who are the one to blame in the 1st place. +bubble to you

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Sharpshell3565d ago

I find it more interesting that a 14 year old girl was even playing WoW that seriously

Spydiggity3565d ago

i'm sure she was hideous.

i've played with quite a few girls that are WoWers, and none of them are attractive. most of them could probably qualify for

heroicjanitor3565d ago

They all think they are incredibly cool if they are a higher level(which only means they have played it more, not that they are better at it) and if there is a girl on the server they all react like something has happened, and start calling her fugly and everything else. Have they never seen a girl before?

heroicjanitor3565d ago

The more social the experience the more likely it will happen. The only way to not have it is to play something with no social aspect whatsoever

BRG90003565d ago

Agreed. Also, "new" in the headline seems a little inaccurate seeing as WoW has been running and popular for well over 4 years now.

Baka-akaB3565d ago

Lol any online community or chat service is a playground for predators of all kinds ....

And btw not every wow player is a jerk , just like not every halo or cod player is some 13 years old twat with high pitched voice , no brain and foul language . The more popular a game is , the easier it will be to find idiots .

heroicjanitor3565d ago

Not all WoW players are jerks I didn't mean to come off like that one of my friends plays it and he's cool I meant the people who take it really seriously, as in valuing it over everything else. My brother was like that, he used to never get off it even if I needed to do some work.

anubis123565d ago

yeah you dirty elf suck on my big horde dic* WTF

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