IGN: Watchmen: The End is Nigh Hands-On

Watchmen: The End is Nigh is the first in a series of downloadable episodes and is set to release around the time of the upcoming feature film. Though it's downloadable and at an unnamed price "competitive" with other digital titles, Watchmen is gorgeous. The environments and character models are as good as any high-end retail game on the market. Whether on the wet cobblestone streets in the middle of a storm or in the cramped quarters of a run-down prison, Watchmen is a real looker. If you were expecting some rushed movie tie-in, one look at the game in motion will erase those thoughts.

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Hal Emmerich3566d ago

Please don't mess this game up!!

Joey Greco RULES3565d ago

mess this game up all you want. just dont f*ck up the movie.

dont get me wrong, a good movie-game would be nice, but it wouldnt be a shock if it was total crap.

Baba19063565d ago

yeah im hoping the movie is ok. the comic is the most amazing thing ever. would be awsome to play as Rorschach or Dr. Manhattan.