How Do We View Our Gaming Girls - Resident Evil Style

What do we see in our well endowed gaming characters? Why do developers insist on creating them in such unreal proportions? Are they just eye candy, or does the way they look actually affect how we feel about them? A look inside the women of Resident Evil featuring Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, Ashley Graham, and Ada Wong.

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N4Garbage3514d ago

Ugly doesn't sell unless your Flavor Flav and any other reality show.

Because ugly is just one huge part of reality.


Capcom biased against ugly.

TOSgamer3514d ago

I suggest all ugly people write into Capcom and demand ugly people in Capcom games.

mastiffchild3514d ago

Yeah, cos Chris Refield looks just like your average gamer in RE5 doesn't he? Of course not, all the characters in RE are idealised in some way from Leon to Jill.

Article is right about one thing though-Ada Wong is the business. One of the best female video game characters out there and I hope Capcom shoehorn her story(one of Resi's more intriguing sides)into RE5. Although, I have to say, the girl does look good-and always wears a choker-which you rarely see in this day and age. God love her.