PS3 Firmware Upgrade 1.54 Enables Xbox Live Camera: Confirmed


"Earlier on in the day we received a new stip that the Xbox Live Vision camera works on the latest PS3 firmware. Well several MC forum members have stepped up to confirm this is indeed true, it is even working on US/JAP firmware v1.51 and not only v1.54. Talk about horizontal compatibility!"

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Arsenic133913d ago

sony hasnt finish their own camera so they make the ps3 compat wit ther rivals.?

MikeMichaels3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Ever hear of the EyeToy?

It's worked on the PS3 since day 1.

....this camera here kinda looks like a robots face. Hehe. Neat-o

lil bush3913d ago

cause not many people are going to use it anyway

Violater3913d ago

and not specifically or even intended the MS cam, But thats the power of good software and the PS3's open architecture.

MaximusPrime3913d ago

the ugliness of MS live cam does not match the sexiness of PS3 console. Who going to use it? i don't.

gogators3912d ago

cam is, unlike a lot of MS components, pretty cheap. I give Sony credit for giving us more options.

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