Killzone 2 PS3 shot out of top 10 by Wii, Xbox 360 SKUs

Sony Corp.'s Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 ranked outside of top 10 game sales at on Mon on strong product demand for Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

On Mon., Killzone 2 ranked as the No. 15 best-selling product in Amazon's Video Games division.

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killzone2flop3570d ago

Anyone interested in KillZone 2 doesn't look like it.

MGOelite3569d ago

lol halo wars is at 36 lol nobodys buying it

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3569d ago

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;-D YOU ;-D PAY ;-D TO ;-D PAY ;-D ONLINE??? ;-D WHAT ;-D MUGS!!! ;-D

Deadman643569d ago

why is the only people that truly complain about paying for xbox live is sony fanboys?

NegativeCreep4273569d ago

Why are the only people who claim Killzone 2 isn't worth the hype just Xbot Butt-Buddies?

infamousinfolite3569d ago

Because look at it this way: Microsoft is telling you to pay 50 a year or whatever for online service the is now called Xbox lag. But Sony's psn can actually say for us to pay based on their online being stable with no lag. But they did not do so. So that is why we complain. Because if you going to have us pay for online we want to pay and get our money's worth.

N4360G3569d ago

LOL everyone on the internet is talking about Killzone 2.

infamousinfolite3569d ago

because this my friend is a very very beautiful game and based on the game's realism, graphics no mere words can express, impressive physics, and AMAZING AI, this is a game that needs to be praised all over. Kudos GG, kudos!

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Mr_Bun3570d ago

This is what constitutes for news now?

panasonic233569d ago

yes this is news if all the news about 1million killzone2 preorders .

Mr_Bun3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

So we should expect an article when it is back in the top 10?

gamesmaster3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

how is it knocked down by 360 sku's? the 360 sku is 96th!?!

this is pointless!

Pennywise3569d ago

How are Panasonic products doing on Amazon?

eagle213569d ago

Please go to amazon and see for yourself. The 360 hardware is not even close to Wii or PS3. Amazon offered some GTA deal, that is all 360 has in top. KZ2 is #14 right now.

Ghoul3569d ago

Kilzone is on place 14 ps3 SKU is on 26

Xbox 360 skus arent even in the top 100

XxZxX3569d ago

XBOX 360 sku Sales Rank: #89 in Video Games

Yes Strong Demand indeed :-|

3569d ago
gamesmaster3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Nai............ you are whats wrong with the human race.

why you would post killzone 2 ending is beyond me.

ultimolu3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Nai, you've been reported.

Being a rabid 360 fanboy/girl is one thing but posting the ending of a game to ruin it to for others is another.

Microsoft Xbox 3603569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Xbox fanboys have been doing that since Metal Gear Solid 4. They can't take it so they spoil the game for others. They've really reached a new low that not even I can top. At least take your fanboyism to the Open Zone.

Mr_Bun3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I am glad that I realized what nai was doing before I read it...Ruining the ending for others should be cause enough for permanent ban.

Rampant3569d ago

Lost and Damned outsells Killzone 2! It must be like this, because Amazon sales rank says so!

Also, for more accurate sales data, you can consult, Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo headquarters, or your local bar drunk.

Lifendz3569d ago

The game is a guarenteed hit and that's just off preorders. People are still going to pick up the game w/o preordering.

ZackFair3569d ago


time to call it a day, sony. :\

redsquad3569d ago

Your Feeble Lying Opiniated Post is the only F.L.O.P. here.

Why dis3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Its only news when it shows the PS3 on top? lol

How much to do want to bet You at least visited the room where it showed PS3 on top and you didn't say a word about the newsworthiness.

The Lazy One3569d ago

it's ok... some of us recognize sarcasm...

redsquad3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Sarcasm is one thing, but so many people talk like that here for REAL that it's difficult to notice the difference.
If it was indeed the case then I withdraw the reply - If not, I don't. Like I said, how can a person tell?

dantesparda3569d ago

This is really getting pathetic! These fanboy battles have sunk to new lows, these wars are already in the gutter, how much lower can they go? I mean now this is supposed to mean something? Because it didnt hold its spot on Amazon? WTF!? See this is exactly why i dont like the 360 fanboys, because they stoop to these [email protected] pathetic @ss levels. What a sad, sad, bunch of people

BrianC62343569d ago

I think it's a poor job. What does it even mean? Is it total sales on Amazon? I doubt some GTA IV DLC is going to sell better than Killzone 2 on Amazon. Maybe it's one day sales or for the month so far? I don't even see any actual sales numbers. And no link to the real data.

Sitdown3569d ago

"This is what constitutes for news now? "

Just out of curiosity...did you post the same thing in the articles that were posted with regards to KZ 2 being #2 and then #1 on Amazon?

NaiNaiNai3569d ago

what, all i did is what every 360 fanboy did to, Gears 2, halo 3, Fable 2, and several other games. seems fair to me.

gamesmaster3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

46 minutes ago | By: NaiNaiNai | Block
"really, i got my revenge.

i had halo 3, Gears 2, Fable 2, and LO, ruined because people did that to me, never once did i see that done to the ps3, so now i have SO F*CK YOU for being so ignorant.

pathetic, was that really necessary?

ultimolu3569d ago

Wow...just wow. *looks at PM that was posted*

Nai, you are one sad individual...

So because some immature guys posted spoilers, you had to turn around and do the same thing? -___-

NaiNaiNai3569d ago

^_^ yep, and if you don't like it block me, you guys have pissed me off one to many times, and thats what you deserve.

thats_just_prime3569d ago

Fanboys are putting waaaaaaaaaay to much on the over 1 million pre order in the uk rumor. GT5P was rumored to have over 2 million pre orders in the uk and going by vgcharts yes I know they are not the best it sold about 385k in the 1 week in "others" (other meaning every place that isnt the us or japan)

Also there was an article /blog a while back on this site from a gamestop sales person. That said when he remind someone about a pre order they his boss got mad at him. After the custom left his boss show him the number of people that didnt pick their pre order for that game and it was 99. They he said look up zelda pre order and again ther was 99 people that didnt pick it up. So just cause they have pre order for a game doesnt mean it will sell.

alster233569d ago

actually kill zone is number 12 now

N4360G3569d ago

LOL at the Xbox fanboys,they will all be gone the day Killzone 2 is released,which is in only 17 more days,I can't wait!!

AAACE53569d ago

The good news is, alot of people are buying this! The bad news is, it looks like everyone who planned on buying the game already preordered it!

After it's release, they should sell more copies and move some consoles as well, so it isn't such a big problem.

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madmonkey03570d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Does it matter? the game is still two weeks away from being released!

oh and btw, its 9th atm, not bad for a game not out yet.

EDIT: its also first on the uk site for £29.99

DarK-SilV3569d ago

I just got KZ2; we usually get games 1 to 2 weeks before the world, especially if it’s a big game
I can’t wait to play it

eagle213569d ago

Of course, only USA amazon counts. /extreme sarcasm.

Jazz41083569d ago

I hate to say it but most of the stores including mine are showing very poor preorders on Killzone2, even Halo Wars is beating it.

happyface3570d ago

really bad news for ps3's system seller

Is this going to sell crappy R2 numbers??

Cool Hwhip3569d ago

You mean sell more than 1 Million copies?

doctorstrange3569d ago

considering it has sold over a million in europe weeks before it is out i wonder if this game will sell

ultimolu3569d ago

1.1 million preorders so far.
Amazon doesn't determine all of the sales. Yes, because people couldn't preorder elsewhere.

360 fanboys couldn't get their wish that this game fails in terms of graphics and gameplay so now they're wishing it fails in sales.

Grow up, really...just grow up.

JasonXE3569d ago

That's retail orders. You're never going to get consumer pre-order numbers in the US or Europe.

NaiNaiNai3569d ago

ZOMG KILLZONE 2 IS A AMAZING, T_T yea 1.1 million pre-orders in Europe and that has 18 million systems there according to the sony fanboys. thats a little over 1/18, thats a piss poor attach ratio. game isnt great, its just being hyped. thats all. also how many of those preorders are first day pick ups. about 20-30% if that i bet.

iHEARTboobs3569d ago

he's secretly a fanboy for Killzone 2. He said he's very "upset" that he can't play it. No Killzone would make me upset too.

NaiNaiNai3569d ago

if you ever read my posts. i said Killzone 2 is a great game, T_T but no one ever reads my good posts, they only hunt were for were i bash the game, no one seems to catch i do that to piss off fanboys. >.> i guess no one caught were i bashed Gears 2 as well, >.> but thats mainly cause it sucked. XD

RememberThe3573569d ago

You are so pathetic it hurts MY feelings. Honestly, stop posting this stupid crap on the Gamer Zone.

You can say what you want, but Killzone 2 is looking great. It also looks like it's going to sell pretty well.

So stop being a little punk and grow up.

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cliffbo3569d ago

amazing! and i really thought that those that have ordered would carry on ordering until they each had at least ten copies each. this is staggering news

solidjun53569d ago

this is the best comment of the thread. I'm not being sarcastic. You pretty much took the words out of my...fingers.

butterfinger3569d ago

Cliffbo, you typed exactly what I was thinking. +bubbles:)

redsquad3569d ago

Ha, true! Those who want to preorder almost certainly have by now, so things naturally drop off. I expect upon release the story will be different.

GarandShooter3569d ago

Damnit Cliff, that better be sarcasm. I already bought (pre-ordered and paid for) 2 copies. What the hell am I going to do with 8 more?

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