Top Ten Hip Hop Games

In honor of Def Jam: Icon GameDaily dug into their dusty video game archives to pull out the "top" 10 hip-hop video games, some worth remembering and some ? not so much...

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HuntingYou4306d ago

It looks like they probably named them all, I mean they had to go to the Commodore 64 for the last one. But if they made one way back, there had to be some on nes or seag or something...right?

Anyways, that Def Jam: Fight for NY is the worst POS I have ever played. I actually took it back the first chance i got and i think i only got back like 10 or 12 dollars back.

Is san andereas hip hop cuz, hes black and starts in the ghetto? I mean if tommy vircetty was balck would vice city be in the catagory?

Nothing racial intended, just saying