Canadian Far Cry 2 Contest and Free PC Map to Download

The website hosts a quiz that, if taken, allows players to register for a chance to win a spot in a group session to play against members of the Montreal-based Far Cry 2 development team. The site also offers a free PC map for you to download.

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intruder_qc3230d ago

Damn this is totally ridiculous, I was looking to enter that contest, since I though hey this is done by UbiSoft Montreal. Guess what? It only elligible to Canadian resident except QUEBEC. UbiSoft office is in damn Montreal.
I hate that stupid law from the province that manage all those lottery.

Yuprules3230d ago

Yup, that's pretty funny. A company in Montreal who can't host a contest where you can ENTER in Montreal :)

E4MC23204d ago