Pocket Gamer Interview: Apex Designs fills us in on Payback and the pitfalls of iPhone development

It's been a retro couple of weeks here at Pocket Gamer, with a host of news items and reviews dredging up wistful gaming memories. But there was one game which really caught their nostalgic eye - mainly because it doesn't have that usual decade of inactivity in its development cycle.

Payback has appeared on the Amiga, Pocket PC, GBA and other formats over the last ten or so years, with gradual improvements appearing at each iteration. And now it seems to have found the platform it's been looking for all these years in the iPhone.

So they decided to sit down for cup of tea and a biscuit (hey, even hot young game hackers have to get older) with lead designer James Daniels and learn a bit more about his long-lived game.

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