GameDaily: LocoRoco 2 Review

LocoRoco 2 is just as cute as its adorable prequel. This PSP adventure casts you as singing blobs that must save their world and its inhabitants from the evil Moja and their leader, Bonmucho; you play by tilting the environments using the PSP's shoulder buttons. Throughout the course of the delightful journey, you'll devour fruit, rescue different creatures and solve puzzles while enjoying colorful 2-D graphics and listening to a catchy soundtrack. As you destroy Moja both on land and underneath water, you'll collect parts that you can use to customize a MuiMui House and unlock seven mini-games that let you race, shoot and play a variation of Whack-A-Mole; you can enjoy these games against friends via AdHoc wireless mode. Much like the original, LocoRoco 2 is too easy to beat and Sony reused a lot of the same artwork and music, but there's no denying this game's charm and budget friendly $19.99 price.

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