Famitsu: Fate Unlimited Codes Portable announced for PSP

Capcom has announced Fate: Unlimited Codes Portable in the latest Famitsu magazine.

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Chris3993569d ago

Just Googled the trailer:

Anyone know if there is a North American release for this? Could probably import it anyhow, it doesn't appear text heavy.

sinncross3569d ago

Notice how it was just announced for the PSP?
You could just import it.

as for the original ps2 version... well just wait for the PSP version: it will most likely be better with more options and added extras.

juniorpop3568d ago

I'm not even thinking of this game coming stateside.

VMAN_013568d ago

What a strange name for a game.

cyrus2283568d ago

original name is fate/stay night

psp version came out first actually, the ps2 version has waaaaaaay more characters, even a new character, lily saber which is awesome. i hope atlus pics up the liscense so i can get it on ps2

Hombow3567d ago

I have this game for PS2. Me and my friend are addicted to this game lol. I think that there are lots of unbalance characters in the game like Saber Alter for example, her combos do alot of damage for like 5 hits compared to other characters that do 12 hit combos for the same amount of damage. But anyways I<3 Saber.