Loot Ninja: Savage Moon Review

Loot Ninja: It's the first time that FluffyLogic has developed a game on the PlayStation 3 and, for their first time developing on it, I would have to say that the game is pretty decent. Is it the tower defense game I was expecting? No. And that is only because of the easily exploited Amp strategy that affects Savage Moon's overall gameplay experience.

When you first begin Savage Moon, the game looks and plays like a top contender in the tower defense genre; but because of its faulty strategic exploits, it quickly hits rock bottom. Although the game also offers trophies, I felt that a little more could have been added with a bit more difficulty getting them.

If you're a trophy whore, this is definitely a must have for you being that they are exceptionally easy to get. It's not the worst tower defense game I've played, but it's not the best either. The game is decent enough to play through and Vengeance mode gives it a slight replay value. What I would suggest? If you're going to play it, try your best to do it without the Amp tower for a more challenging experience. In the event that FluffyLogic decides to release any DLC for this game, I hope they plan out a bit more on the strategy side of things. I would suggest trimming down the towers a bit and focusing more on defensive strategy.

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