Quake Live Hands-on -

Quake has been the standard for hardcore online FPS players for more years than GN writers have had hot dinners, and it shows in the sheer amount of people who've already plunged into the beta for the title.

Quake Live is something GN strongly advises you to take a look at, even if you're not a major fan of the "lol shotgun" gaming experience. It's free, browser-based, and plays like a dream.

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forthegamergood3534d ago

This game really is a revolution in MMOFPS, I can't wait to see it go gold, it'll be huge.

Viewtiful3534d ago

Quake can't be a revolution no matter how much it does right. Its time has passed and the public probably doesn't care anymore. Quake 4 proved that.

italianbreadman3534d ago

Just sent in my request to join the beta. Thanks for alerting me to this game's quality.