Metal Gear Solid creator Kojima to keynote GDC 2009

Gamasutra writes:

"Organizers have revealed that Hideo Kojima, Corporate Officer, Executive Producer and Director of Kojima Productions, will deliver a keynote address at next months 2009 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

Known for giving rise to the stealth action game genre with his creation of the acclaimed Metal Gear series more than two decades ago, Kojima's keynote will focus on conquering various development obstacles with creative game design, using the driving game design philosophies behind the Metal Gear series as reference."

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jamesrocks31473565d ago

"Kojima joins a host of notable speakers at this year's GDC, including Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux, LittleBigPlanet creators Mark Healey and Alex Evans, Epic's Rod Fergusson, and a host of others"

i really want to know what there up 2!

sounds like microsoft wont gain anything from it like;)

Xandet3565d ago

I really couldn't give more of a s**t about anything else. I need to know!!

meepmoopmeep3565d ago

can't wait to see what's in store at this year's GDC

eagle213565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Also, LBP and MGS4 will win awards at the AIAS very soon. :)

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killzone2flop3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Awesome can't wait to see what game will be announced for Xbox360. I'm gonna take a wild guess and this is just a guess MGS5.

Xandet3565d ago

I'm not even going to try with this one.. the utter stupidity and ridiculousness of those sentences is mind numbing. I'll let everyone else handle this one..

LeonSKennedy4Life3565d ago

That was the epic fail of the day, Killzone2Flop...or PP, if you will.

dericb113565d ago

I wonder what it will be? If he does go Multiplatform, I understand from the money aspect. But if he goes anything Wii I am completely lost on that one lol. Finally if we goes PS3 Exclusive again then Epic and Valve can keep supporting the 360 since we will have better things on the PS3 from Kojima.

Cool Hwhip3565d ago

If MGS4 does go Multiplatform,I honestly doubt Ps3 fans will care at that point.Disappointed at Sony's inability to maintain a AAA 3rd party exclusive?Yes.Care that Xbox owners can now play MGS4?Nope.

I should say though,if Kojima is still awarded as much creative freedom as possible from Konami,the chances of him doing the port are extremely slim,considering he has expressed a great amount of interest in developing something entirely new for the Western audience.

Snoogins3565d ago

At this point, I highly doubt that MGS4 will make its way to the Xbox 360 considering how MGS2 performed when it was ported much later from the PS2 to the original Xbox. Most likely his future projects will be multiplatform since he said Kojima Productions was going back to square one and have a more broad philosophy. I believe one of the rumours going around was that he wanted to work on a FPS? Hopefully he works on the long-time rumoured zombie MMO (which I find likely since he loved Left 4 Dead so much) or he reteams with Goichi Suda and makes that Snatcher remake. Anyway, this will be a GDC I care about because I am a fan of Kojima-san's work.

Aclay3565d ago

The last thing I think that's going to happen is MGS4 going multi.

MGS4 is a PS3 exclusive and if anyone wants it, you have to buy a PS3, simple as that. Personally I think Kojima crushed the MGS4 to 360 rumors in this article for good:

I think Kojima will reveal his new project at GDC. Whether that project be multiplatform or a PS3 exclusive, I don't care because it's a Kojima game and I'm behind him 100%.

gamesmaster3565d ago

yes, YES. i love the 2nd runner. We need a revival of the mech action genre, bringing something like this to both next gen consoles will be a treat for us all.

Johnny Cullen3565d ago

Dear God

Please make this happen.


Your Friend,

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