DICE: We are not going casual

Battlefield and Mirror's Edge developer DICE has reiterated its commitment to its hardcore fans, saying, "we are not going casual".

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Kouzmich3569d ago

And yet they make these casual BF games : Battlefield 1943 , Battlefield Heroes and Bad Company 2.
Then where is BF3, the true BF game ? where are the 64 player battles that where so awesome in past BF games ?

NaiNaiNai3569d ago

they started making console games. >.> thats why. yea 64 players is awesome, but not when you have 45 of them running on 700+kps net. T_T it just gets lame. to much lag, and to many people who can't even play.

ill take my 12v12, or even a 16v16. 32v32 is such a pain now. to many "1337" players, who suck and quit the match before it ends.

madpuppy3569d ago

what the hell are you talking about? you think because there is humor in the game that it is a casual game? lets see grandma beat it and see if it is casual then.

sak5003569d ago

Agreed Badpuppy. Been playing BF since 1942. BC was one of the best online shooters on the consoles but was overshadowed by COD4. I hope BF3 and 1943 online playing is smoother and lag free like cod4s

Socomer 19793569d ago

thats what I wanna hear.

Get Tuff.

TheColbertinator3569d ago

Hell yeah

Hardcore gamers FTW

Release battlefield 3!

Are_The_MaDNess3569d ago

nice 1 lol
but damn make the new game whit K/M to the PS3 lol
its so much better

glennc3568d ago

the whole point of online games are the level playing field. they don't work if some people have more accurate aiming than others. where is the fun in that??? it only takes a few to ruin it for the rest. don't get me wrong, i love mouse aiming but not if it is an unfair advantage over others. but then again i don't HAVE to win like other players, win at all costs bullsh!t. i'm just along for the insane ride.

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The story is too old to be commented.