Console Wars Part One: Going Online

VGM writes: "No matter where you go online, you cannot escape the raging war between that of the trifecta of successful consoles and the gamers who love them. While there can never be a true winner due to everyone's differing opinion, there are facts that can support said opinions. This is a look at the current state of the console wars, and my predictions as to what will happen in the future. Each installation will feature a different topic of discussion of an aspect of the console wars and the current standings. I'll dish out what each system REALLY has to contribute, rather than opinions based on hearsay so you can draw your own conclusions as well as see what's best for you. Sections still to come will include a feature on each console's exclusives, sales figures, and predictions/suggestions for what should be done in order to boost or stabilize sales. With that said, this week's topic will cover connectivity and what each console brings to the table.

With three different choices that offer inherently different options, you also have three different ways in which each console will access the internet. Each system has its own unique set of pros and cons having to do with multiplayer issues, online content, and offerings that strive to make their manufacturers proud. It's a growing hot topic in the gaming community--which console utilizes this feature best, and why?"

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Socomer 19793567d ago

PSN for me:
Its just more game related for gamers.
the psp compatibilty sold me and the psn games are fire.

yet i do understand if people like to socialize while in a game and reading eachother bio's. leaving voicemail messages is cool too but I bought a PS3 and all i need it for is the games and going online.

NaiNaiNai3567d ago

i love my xbox live. i get alot of demos early, i pay 26cents a day for it, and that gets me old games that were exclusives to go mutiplat or go exclusive for the 360. i love the message system, netflix combo, news storys, the online play with the star/pro/ect events. so much XBL has, i don't mind pay for it, i just see it as anyone who uses the excuse you have to pay for XBL then i just think you can't even afford to eat food. how ever if you don't like XBL cause you don't need all the xtra stuff and just want online play, thats fine, i don't mind, but to say XBL isn't worth the 26 cents a day you pay. then thats just stupid. you can find at least 30 cents a day just digging threw your car or couch. >.> heck just find a quarter on the street.

Syko3567d ago

Having had all 3 systems (Recently Sold my Wii) it goes like this for me.

Xbox LIVE - The very best. While they have improved it slightly with things like Party Chat. Almost all of the features I love have been there since 2005. Achievements, Game Invites, Private Chat, Included Headset. While Paying isn't preferable, I pay one time for the year and forget about it. Not a big deal IMO.

PSN - While I have spent a lot less time with it then I have LIVE. Prior to the updates that told you what your friends were playing and when they were on, the friends list felt useless to me. No game invites. No in-game XMB, No voice messages. Plus I get a lot of "Signed out of PSN" errors even though it is hardwired to the same router my 360 is. The updates have fixed MANY of these problems and when it boils down to it PSN does the Exact same thing as LIVE while playing online. Just without all the bells and whistles that you pay for on LIVE.

Wii - Tried it one time. Completely useless, End of story.

So really if you only own one system it shouldn't really matter to you. If you own a 360 and a PS3 then it matters what your friends play the most and if you are willing to pay for the extra stuff LIVE offers. In the end though once you are in an online game they are pretty much identical but one is free.