Gamestyle Feature: Silver Screen: Resident Evil Degeneration

Gamestyle writes: "First things first, this is not associated in any way, shape or form with the Paul Anderson efforts. Instead its a CG film based on the game, which to be fair is more faithful than what we've endured so far. Anderson strayed so far from the source material that by the third film it turned into Mad Max with zombies. So Degeneration has one thing going for it at least, but other positives are harder to come by.

Set a year after the events of Resident Evil 4, Degeneration sees the T-Virus now being used in bio-terrorist attacks leading up to a major incident in an airport, before the story u-turns back to the inevitable research facility. Probably what RE fans will be jumping for joy about is the reunion of Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. Honestly they could have matched any characters together and they'd still have the bad acting, excruciating dialogue and lack of chemistry that these pair serve up. That is if two CG characters can even have chemistry. A supporting cast has been invented for the movie, some of which are stereotypical beyond belief. You have a young child who you know survives because children never die, an American soldier type who whoops and hollers as he sprays machine gun fire in all directions, and lastly a cowardly corporate man who is as one dimensional as Pac-Man. All it needed was someone screaming "we're all going to die, man!" and we'd have the complete set."

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