Is Gaming still fun? A look at past and present games

Every new generation brings enhanced graphics, processing speeds, and new features that promise to wow and astound gamers all over. They bring cleaner landscapes and brighter backgrounds. New characters as well as some older ones now grace screens looking better than before. Blood flows more realistically and castle caverns appear to be even shoddier and broken down than previously. The passing of time gives way to new improvements that reflect our progressive society. Moving ahead, year after year, are graphics the only things improving?

Game developers look as if they're getting closer and closer to realism with every new title. Still, are games really being designed for their main purpose anymore? Game reviewers frequently mention the graphics as being a, or sometimes the main strength of a title.

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kaironn3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Nice header image, and some good thoughts here. Old style narratives should never die out.

Dimly3591d ago

I agree that some recent AAA title’s story/ characters feel unimagined and could use much more originality. I’m looking at Faith of Mirror’s Edge, Marcus Fenix and Dom, and even the crew from Dead Space.

They are cliches… where are this generations Marios, Sonics, and Links?

Fullish3591d ago

Def. still fun, and probably not as annoying.

iseven3591d ago

depends on what you mean by fun. I like Mirror's Edge, some don't.