Battlefield prod: No successful shooters on Wii so far

There haven't been any successful shooters so far on the Wii, the lead producer of upcoming download-only Xbox 360, PS3 and PC shooter Battlefield 1943 has claimed.

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BrotherNick3534d ago

Which means it needs one? :P

kingme713534d ago

Metroid Prime 3 and (possibly) the upcoming Conduit say hello.

heroicjanitor3533d ago

I didn't know that the conduit was successful...

jtucker783533d ago

Hey kingme

Hope you aren't staying up too late every night playing those two shooters online against your friends.

3534d ago
somekindofmike3534d ago

The wii definitely lacks a real quality shooter. Metroid Prime isn't really a shooter at heart, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, although a solid game, is far off AAA standard, and World at War being a similar sort of situation.

Conduit definitely looks interesting? Will it be up to the quality of the best? obviously graphically it isn't going to match Killzone2, but hell I wouldn't care if it had N64 graphics if it excelled as being a 'fun' shooter.

FinalomegaS3533d ago

3rd parties are going to put some good games on the wii, and I'm thinking FPS.

It only takes one great to release and have a flood of copy cats.

Oh and MP3 is more FPS/adventure/exploration

the conduit has 5 more month or so for polish, since the game looks ready now they can fix all the little issues.

Beside the conduit, no one has announced a fps that will be like HVS offering. I am sold on the control alone. I'm a control hog lol!