Dante's Inferno: First details

Via CVG: PSM3 has published the first details on Dante's Inferno, which the mag bills as 'God of War meets Dead Space'.

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Megaton3568d ago

Wasn't sure at first, being EA and all, but it sounds like it could be pretty good, especially if the Dead Space devs are the ones doing it.

San Frandisco3568d ago

is this a ps3 exclusive or something?

Xandet3567d ago

That's enough of an answer.

panasonic233568d ago

no i thought this game was 360/ps3 ign and all most ever site said so.

sinncross3567d ago

Well Dead Space was pretty sweet so I am sure they can pull this off... however it sounds too much like what we've done before and with GoW3 around the corner, I wonder what EA have in store to set themselves apart.