Wii the Next Atari 2600?

Considering the Atari 2600's shovelwared history, Gaming Guru asks "The question that I believe Nintendo isn't asking because it's too busy counting money, is this good for our brand? And is this good for the marketplace in which we make our living?"

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Xander-RKoS3568d ago

What an informed member of society.

Is the Wii really the next Atari? Really? Atari, the console that turned hardcore games (back then) like Pac-man into a living nightmare (for those who don't know, look it up, the sounds in that game are the sounds you hear in Hell). Or E.T. a game that was not only horrendously bad but was also produced in a larger quantity than Atari 2600's available (they were expecting people to buy two or three copies per console). So, I'm not sure if the "author" of this blog is implying that the Wii will lead to another game crash (which I hope not since market analysts say that it's what's keeping gaming out of the recession...sort of) but with more developers actually caring about the Wii (The Conduit, House of the Dead, Madworld, Deadly Creatures, Muramasa, etc.) as well as Nintendo still making quality titles (new Mario, Zelda, and Pikmin are being made, and Animal Crossing and Wii Sports are still fun), I just don't see the correlation between the Atari and the Wii,

What I really love about this is that guy is basing his concerns off anecdotal circumstances. Sorry buddy, I can counter all of that with anecdotal arguments as well, let's try using solid facts based off numbers instead of those based off what you're thinking on your couch.