Resurgent Chrome is 'threat to Firefox'

Gartner analyst David Mitchell Smith believes that Google's Chrome will eventually establish itself as a major browser – and it is Mozilla's Firefox that will suffer as a result.

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DJ3566d ago

And it looks like it's going to do some major damage to both IE's and Firefox's market share. It's lightening fast and has such an easy, clean interface.

xwabbit3566d ago

Eh.... ill stay with Firefox for now.

hay3566d ago

Chrome's pretty cool. However I would love to see it's version of Firebug. Would help a lot at work.

But since I work at browser based application dev company it's pretty irritating to have so much browsers to be compatible. Especially when there are actually some slight differences for the same browsers on different OS'.

Bladestar3566d ago

I agree.

Damn, I am currently using 3 browsers now.

For my bank or silverlight based apps I use IE.
To google and browse the web I use Firefox.
To play browser based games (i.e. tribalwars) I use Chrome.

My biggest complain about firefox is how in some instances it loads images. It can take a long time where there lots of images on screen.
firefox and chrome javascript engine are fast and certainly faster than IE...

Firefox Javascript Engine (TraceMonkey) is faster than Chrome (V8)

This is why in most Javascript test firefox will be on top.

But when it come to downloading images or page source chrome is faster and one can undertand why. google is probably one of the fastest search engines so, knowing how to parse things for speed is one of the biggest strength.

IE on the other hand is probably using the same old Javascript engine. Microsoft needs to change this. but I am afraid that their pursue for compile client code with silverlight, etc may be preventing them from focusing on improving their javascript engine.

I think IE loads images faster than firefox but not faster than Chrome.

3565d ago
Relin3565d ago

I'm in the same business, and I've noticed that Chrome follows standards just as often as Opera, Safari, and Firefox. IE is still the odd man out in that regard, so as long as these other browsers continue to eat away at IE's marketshare, I'll be happy.

I've been using Chrome for just over a month now, and it's been hard to find reasons to switch back to Firefox (aside from the amazuhzing add-ons). Having Gears built-in to the browser is also a nice perk, though it isn't very well utilized outside of Google's own apps.

Kleptic3565d ago

I do use chrome the most now, but as bladestar pointed out...its not always the best...

but I do like the UI of chrome the most...the way you can detach tabs into new windows, and quickly put them back is awesome...the history is by far the easiest to use of all 3...and its pretty fast at everything...

I only use IE for some banking stuff, as chrome isn't supported in a lot of the fed mandated security settings...yet...and several network channel websites do not support chrome for their video streaming...

I don't even have firefox anymore, even though I prefer it over IE...98% of the time I am using chrome soon as it gets a little more support it will be perfect imo...

uie4rhig3565d ago

but fx3.1 is a little bit faster than chrome1.. tbh.. chrome chrome isn't ready yet.. it needs its time, it will become the next firefox after a while, but not yet, it's got a long road to go! ill keep it on firefox.. and as soon as my favo addons are 3.1 compati, i dont care if it is in beta or not, i will switch to 3.1 :)

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2FootYard3566d ago

I'm using Chrome and I really like it.

Foxgod3566d ago

Great, give us more browsers, in the near future youl have to optimize your website for 10 different browsers.

Gonna be hellish work.

jay23566d ago

No, Chromes for 2 year olds, old people or newbies.......... in other words its horrible and old and way to basic.

Karum3566d ago

I didn't like Chrome's interface much, I just prefer the look and feel of firefox but I can see Chrome becoming very popular just because of it's name and the fact it's being made known to the internet using public more than firefox is.

I mean any time I go to youtube there's a little box suggesting you try out YT in Google Chrome. Granted Google own YT but YT gets some major traffic so the browser is going to get some heavy exposure, for that reason alone it's a threat to other browsers.

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