Echoes Of Time Bombs On The Wii

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time was a first for Square Enix, as they decided to release the same game on both the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS. It turned out that it literally was the same game, and not in a flattering way - Square Enix announced that the DS version would be ported to the Wii, not the other way around. They would also be sold for the same price and be completely cross-compatible.

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Smacktard3571d ago

I don't know if you'd call it a bomb.

That's 23,000 more units they managed to ship, with very little extra development cost.

I wish it sold less than a quarter of that though. Square-Enix's decision was a great disservice to, well, anyone ever.

Crap company anyways. They haven't do anything good since the merger.

Chris3993571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

But a DS to Wii? The game looks utterly wretched:

I just picked up a Wii, and I'm digging the control scheme and some of the graphics; but this is an insult to both the consumer and the hardware.

Earlier today, I went off about how much of a money-gouge Chrono Trigger DS was (a full on 14 year old SNES port retailing for standard price). Can't decide if this is as bad or worse.

I may get shot for saying this, but the FFXIII trailer wasn't all that grand either. It's nothing to do with the mutliplat announcement, as I have the 'holy trinity' in my living room - PS3, 360, Wii, it just lacked a trace of ANYTHING inspired or original. Evil empire, robots, a resistance, a mysterious force...

George Lucas should sue.

ChickeyCantor3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )


Its not just a port.
They made it so because Wii players are able to play the game with DS players across the world and vice versa.

Its a cross platform game. take that in mind( but why they didnt pick better models i have no clue, cause I don't think it would have been a problem since the visuals are not connected to the IE the position of the character).

At least there is still FF:CC:CB

@Chris again,

I'm getting FF, but i can't disagree.
When i saw the gameplay video i wasn't impressed at all.
I know fans will rip me for this, and you for that matter but you can't say it actually reflected much what was seen in the trailers.

Its a shame though i expected something else, but i guess what i expected was far fetched.

Chris3993571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

That said, it's "cross-compatible", it's not cross-platform in the traditional sense.

It has the same graphics upscaled to 480p (or 480i, I'll have to check the stats on that one), and a "cross-compatible" player to player feature. It barely qualifies as a port. It's a DS game that you can play on your Wii. It would be like me playing Monster Hunter G online (if I lived in Japan, that is, they really need to implement the PS3/ PSP multi-player functionality in NA) with my video out cable on my T.V.. It's still Monster Hunter G, simply upscaled.

This is just poor development. I'm embarrassed that even 25k people bought this game. Consumers shouldn't encourage this type of behavior.

PS360WII3571d ago

Well SE did put a trailer for Crystal Bearers in the Wii version of this game, so that could be what the 25k went for...

You are right though as this was for the sole purpose to play a DS game on the big screen. It's just that Nintendo hasn't made one of these things http://store.videogamecentr... for the Wii and I don't think it's in the plans.

Voiceofreason3571d ago

Thing is it is the exact same game, so which one would you pick up? I'm getting the DS version over the Wii version because I'll be able to play it anywhere.

Just seems like a dumb move on their part. There is not one reason for anyone to pick this version up over the DS version. Game was built for the DS after all not the Wii. DS version can be picked up and played at any location you have your DS, unlike the Wii which has to sit at home and Japan is a portable market.

Smacktard3570d ago

Phantom disagrees make too much sense. Everyone makes good points, all generally agreeing, and then they come in and go "LOL NOPE!" and run away without really providing any argument at all.

But I agree with sidar. All they had to do was beef up the graphics, and it would make it acceptable. But they didn't. It's the exact same portable game... but on a console. How does this make sense? It's like making a portable MP3 player that has no batteries and only works when it's plugged in.


ChickeyCantor3570d ago

@chris i agree on that xD

Im going for the DS version.
I loved the first one anyway =)

SaiyanFury3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

@ Chris 1.1

I have to agree, I didn't care for the FFXIII trailer either. The Final Fantasy games always had that fantasy element to them and again you're right; the trailer had all the elements of a George Lucas movie. Sure the graphics were good, and the sound was good. Everything technical was good, but it didn't LOOK like an RPG either. It seems that with FPS games being so popular in the west, S-E took it upon themselves to simulate an environment that an FPS could take place in and introduced an RPG inside that environment. RPGs for me, usually have to have some kind of "organic" feel to them. No I'm not a tree hugger but RPGs needn't look like an FPS; so cold and sterile. The PSN trailer really made me question whether or not I'm going to get it. FFXII was golden, but it seems that FFXIII could be stainless steel.

FarEastOrient3570d ago

Geeezz 23,000 copies, that's not enough to cover manufacturing cost of the product without making a dent in development cost.

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Selyah3571d ago

It does all seem to be a bit of step backwards, then again a lot of people are exploiting the wii's sale base as much as they can so it doesn't really come as a surprise.

2FootYard3571d ago

Damn Square-Enix is getting lazy. Hopefully their putting their energy into making Final Fantasy XIII amazing.

PS360WII3571d ago

Well the design was by choice. It's so Wii and DS owners could play together. This is SE trying to get repeat the GC to GBA type feeling but this time Wii to DS... which got a DS game over on the Wii.

Can't say it's the best idea in the word but I see what they were trying for.

There real Wii outing is naturally Crystal Bearers as the trailer for that came with the Wii version of this game but the Crystal Chronicle franchise started off as a game you could play on from a handheld to a console so what can you do.

ChickeyCantor3571d ago

But what i don't get is why the models had to be the exact same thing.
They could have made the engine in a way that allowed different models for each version.

I mean
etc etc all are saved in numbers and Boolean values.

Around that they should have build a graphical shell that just picked the models each version has. On the DS you would only see DS models and on your Wii everything you see in Wii optimized models.

I don't think its never done before.

@selya and ghost,
There is also another FF coming to the Wii, it's not lazyness more like based on development choices.

pcz3571d ago

that's what they get for such a lame release. would the same happen of they released a ff7 remake on the wii? no!

stop treating the wii as a dumping ground for half-assed games!

Voiceofreason3571d ago

That post makes no sense.. Are you trying to say that FF7 was a half assed game? I'd say FF7 would fail if done in a similar manner to this game. Well not fail outright but if given the choice again between a portable Ff and a console FF I dont see the people of Japan going the console route when they are so in love with portables. Sales for this game would be completely different if they had just done 2 things. Make the game different in some way on the Wii, or dont make a DS version to begin with. Either of those would have helped sales.

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